I need a mentor--HELP!!

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I have stalled - so much stuff to do
article writing, affiliate programs, blogs
web 2.0, mlm..............

the list goes on

but I have a problem

I'm don't know where to start

should I...

start a blog
write an article
set up squidoo
do a squeeze page

get the latest ebook or 997 program
buy that slick web page thing that does evrytning for you from Chris.....

Seriously - i'm about to give up
and would love it if you could guide me'
through to completion of a systm to
break free form the rat race

stalled in Canada

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    Pick one that interest you and stick to it, do it with enthusiasm till you attain some results before moving on to another.
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    No matter what you do it will take time or money. A blog takes time and the real money in blogs is advertising. Quick affiliate sales requires money with adwords, which is a risk. Squidoo and article submitting is just a grind that I don't recommend.
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    kim...look up the thread on blogging for 100 bux a day
    find something you like ...stalled in canada....lets see
    go to adwords external ...I did
    here are some results

    newfoundland 1 - 3 $0.95 450,000
    Mar Add
    vancouver island 1 - 3 $1.19 90,500
    Jul Add
    banff 1 - 3 $1.75 301,000
    Jul Add
    langley 1 - 3 $1.17 450,000
    Jul Add
    canada's 1 - 3 $0.71 135,000
    Oct Add
    lower mainland 1 - 3 $1.40 4,400
    Jun Add
    health 1 - 3 $2.36 37,200,000
    Jan Add
    edmonton 1 - 3 $1.52 1,000,000
    Mar Add
    tourism 1 - 3 $0.92 3,350,000
    Jul Add
    calgary 1 - 3 $1.55 1,830,000
    Jun Add
    kamloops 1 - 3 $1.59 74,000
    Jul Add
    vernon 1 - 3 $1.86 3,350,000
    Aug Add
    kenora 1 - 3 $1.30 18,100
    Jul Add
    nanaimo 1 - 3 $1.01 90,500
    Jul Add
    abbotsford 1 - 3 $1.33 246,000
    Sep Add
    burnaby 1 - 3 $1.40 201,000
    Mar Add
    belleville 1 - 3 $1.72 1,000,000
    Aug Add
    penticton 1 - 3 $1.21 40,500
    Aug Add
    windsor 1 - 3 $1.63 3,350,000
    Mar Add
    prince george 1 - 3 $1.12 165,000
    Aug Add
    north vancouver 1 - 3 $1.41 90,500
    Jul Add
    centre 1 - 3 $1.13 2,740,000
    Apr Add
    604 1 - 3 $1.01 201,000
    Dec Add
    sudbury 1 - 3 $1.56 368,000
    Mar Add
    the big numbers are the number of monthly searches
    pick one that is kinda in the middle..like 20k searches or so
    go to blogger or wordpress ....find out if that particular term is taken , if it is make a variation of it ...work,play, vacation , how to ski in ____, what to see in ______ my favorite places in _______
    use that for the name of your blog
    then go to google ...do a search for that term ...
    see the sponsored advertisements ...if there are none, get another subject..might be best to do this first ..
    click on the sponsored links
    see what they are sellling
    get an aff link to that product or service
    use your blog as the url for the aff product
    get approved ...may take a few days
    in the meantime ....copy the sales copy on those site into word or whatever you have
    modify the text to appear as an article
    post the article on ezines
    the article and the post can be real close to the same
    link to the aff product
    write articles ...maybe 25 -30 to start ...350 word minimum
    send em out
    send em out
    have your blog link in the signature at the bottom of your article
    sign up for several cpa programs
    put these relevant ads on your blog
    do that ...and that will keep you busy for a week or so
    then come back with your work to show us
    send 997 to somebody and hope you get something
    send me 9999.99 and I wil do it for you

    what a deal , huh?
    good luck

    forget asirvia ..get the gem https://www.royaltie.com/?af=bobmc
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LurCkXAIPfk digital marketing a to z

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    and sign up for the nicheaday dot com free word program

    forget asirvia ..get the gem https://www.royaltie.com/?af=bobmc
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LurCkXAIPfk digital marketing a to z

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  • Hey Kim,

    I was you a couple of weeks ago.

    What you need, I think, is direction. I'm trying a Bum Marketing program right now. I haven't started making money with it yet, but I am still starting out.

    The point is that I don't feel overwhelmed now like I did a couple of weeks ago. Look into methods, look for a course or program to follow, and work it through to completion.

    I'll follow your progress and you can follow mine!
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    I believe that everyone feels the way you're feeling when first getting started. The difference between those that make it or not is simply moving on and moving forward. Be positive and do SOMETHING to better your situation. I believe that if you have your site/blog set up and autoresponder ready to capture names/email addresses, writing articles is a good way to drive some traffic there and you can do that for free.

    There are many things to do (as you know) but don't give up Kim. We all feel for ya because we were all there and there are probably many that are there right now! Keep your chin up and keep going. It will be worth it in the end!


    Craig Raphael
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    You don't know where to start because you have no plan. Start there. Set some goals, set a timeframe and then work backwards as to your daily tasks to achieve your big goals.
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    forget asirvia ..get the gem https://www.royaltie.com/?af=bobmc
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LurCkXAIPfk digital marketing a to z

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    • What finally got me righted and to stop getting overwhelmed was coming to the realization that I should not have to spend any money to get started. Maybe I'll spring for advanced tools down the road, but there are so many 'get started' products, and most of them seem to contain at least a little bit of learning that's advanced to a complete beginner.

      I found a couple of different resources that got me going without have to put out cash. Look for those.
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