How long should a sales letter be to convert better?

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I am in the middle of the process of creating my first product, and now I am writing my sales letter.
How long should it be?
It is now 15 pages in MS Word, with a 12 Times New Roman font.. and it is still not ready..
I was starting to wonder: is it too long?

What is the normal length of a sales page?
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    As long as it needs to be to get the message across without repeating yourself to many times

    I don't think the length of the actual piece is an issue to SERIOUS buyers...

    I know from personal experience because when I really want to buy a product, I will go and read every single word of that sales letter... even if it is 20+ pages long.

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      I personally wouldn't read a long sales letter that long, thats just me... What you should do is, write 3, one really long one, one medium and one short (4pagesish) and test them against each other.
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        Hi there. As has been said, 'as long as it takes to sell the product.' But I can already see a couple of problems and would be glad to give you some private help. I'll send you a PM with my email address and we can go over it.

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    I will second Mark's opinion that this question should be posted in the Copywriting forum. That is where most of the copywriters hang out. And you would have gotten replies from professional copywriters who make most of their income writing sales copies.

    Personally, I would never read a 10-15 paged sales letter. IMO 4-5 should be the best bet.

    Again, this is my personal opinion and I am not a copywriter.

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      Originally Posted by Bruce_Richards View Post

      I will second Mark's opinion that this question should be posted in the Copywriting forum.
      well... I thought I was in that forum, my mistake... I just jump from topic to topic here finding so much great info, and it is easy to get lost..
      anyway, thanks for you replies so far, that's what I've been thinking myself
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    Long enough to get your M.D.A. and short enough to keep your traffic from fallin' asleep



    M.D.A. = Most Desired Action

    Bare Murkage.........

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    i believe that in writing whatever,your sentence may be too long but never too short.but when it comes to sales letter it is the other way round,"your sales letter may be too short but never too long"
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    Not sure that 15 pages works. I would aim for no longer that two pages and your first two paragraphs really need to focus on outlining why the reader needs your product
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    depends on price

    more money -- longer page
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    I think it depends on the product and the message you want to deliver

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    I think you just want to show everthing to your potential buyers. Than I suggest you to make a short one followed with FAQ and let them to decide what kind of information you have would suit them. You can even put single testimonial for each Q&A that is relevant each other. And believe it or not, they will read it all on. Hope it may help you. Good luck!

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      An ideal sales copy should be around 1000 - 1500 words long.

      Why ?

      So that the reader doesn't lose interest

      Also a great way to make the content read well - and convert to a sale . is to make sure that you keep it informative - straight to the point and POSITIVE !!!
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    The purpose of a salesletter is
    to sell.

    So the length is inconsequential
    really. The salesletter needs
    to be long enough to answer
    any doubts a prospective
    buyer may have about your
    product/service and their
    corresponding market.

    With that side, I'd personally
    err for the side of a little bit
    longer then a little bit shorter.
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    Thinking about it - if you have the technology for it, does it have to be an actual sales PAGE of writing - have you considered writing what you want to put into your sales letter, then recording a message / putting a video on your web site - This is where it seems the trends are leaning towards at the minute (from where I'm sat).

    Personally, I switch off mentally when I see a huge sales letter - I sometimes think it comes off as more the salesperson convinving themselves that it is that valuable - rather than convincing you - that might just be down to bad copywriting.
    If what I said helps, let me know, throw me a 'thanks'.
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    It should be exactly as long as it requires
    to completely and utterly satisfy everything
    the BUYER needs to emotionally and rationally
    justify their purchase - RIGHT NOW.

    Notice, I didn't say READER, I said BUYER.

    That's who you're writing to... not the world.

    And please ignore those giving you specific
    page and word counts. Utterly bad advice.

    Good luck,

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    The length of your sales letter, in itself, will NEVER affect your conversion rates.
    It's not in any an influential factor of your sales.

    The key is to relate to the customers, understanding them, then giving them what they want in the terms that they want it.

    If you build that into your sales page, the length won't matter.(Unless your in a niche with really bad ADD lol. In that case, keep it short and sweet : p)
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