Some Easy Ways To Get Your Creative Article Writing Juices Flowing

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Hi Warriors,

Here's some points that might help you...

When it comes to writing articles it's not just a simple matter of putting your thoughts into words and writing it down. It's important to give your readers a reason to read your article and keep reading it all the way to the end so they get to your resource box. Therefore you need to find a way of getting your message across and firmly grasping the curiosity of the reader.

The main component that is required is a large amount of creativity which for some people comes quite naturally. For others though they seem to develop a mental block and cannot get their creative juices flowing. It can happen to the best of writers so if this happens to you believe it that you are not alone. It is considered to be an art to be able to put words into pictures in your reader's mind and it takes practice. Make use of metaphors and similes to help you build up a picture for your article and make it more intriguing.

But what do you do when you develop this mental block and those creative juices just will not flow? There is no magic solution to this problem but there are many ways that can help you to achieve the state of mind that you require.

1. Read plenty of other articles especially from writers who have published lots of them. Check out the article directories for similar types of article to the ones you will be writing. Look at the style of other writers. With time you will develop your own style of writing and the process will become easier.

2. Keep a notebook with you. It is surprising how ideas can be triggered by something you have seen or heard, even a smell can generate an idea. Write down anything you think of. By reading other peoples work it can help you develop your own ideas. Do not copy what others have written though. It is only by putting them into your own words that make them unique to you.

3. Learn to relax and get organized. A cluttered mind leaves no space for for new ideas. In order to have your creativity at full speed your mind needs to be organized and uncluttered. Even when you are trying to get your computer to improve its performance you tidy up the files and delete all the unnecessary ones. Your mind is your internal computer help it to work to it's full potential.

4. Organize your workplace. An untidy cluttered desk will not help at all. Bits and pieces all over the place can cause distractions. By having a good working environment, whether it's an office or it's the kitchen table you will soon discover that you can work in peace and you will not notice the time passing.

5. Set yourself a target. If the thought of spending the morning or the day writing articles seems too daunting break it into smaller chunks. Aim to write for an hour. Use an egg-timer if you want to. If nothing else, aim to write the title and make some notes on the content of your article. When the time is up go and make a cup of tea or coffee and have a ten minute break then start again.

Try to avoid getting sucked into all the drama with the financial issues if at all possible unless you're doing some sort of financial planning for your own business and finances what's the point. I've been having a real tough time with this one myself and it can really distract you from moving forward with your business when you think the whole system is crashing down.

Eat well, get plenty of sleep, fresh air and exercise. Look after your body as well as your mind. The important thing is to stop putting things off - Take action, get started and your article writing will become easier.

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    Your tips were fantastic! I have just recently began keeping a notepad nearby because ideas come to me at some of the strangest times, especially when I'm not even thinking about the subject.

    I've also had a tough time not thinking about all of the financial issues and it has really affected my focus this week. This is something I need to work on too.

    All of your tips were great and I have saved them for future reference.

    Thanks Dean!

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    I have one tip that I learned from the late Gary Halbert to overcome writer's block: write, write, write. Forget about everything and just sit down and write. It doesn't matter what you write. Sooner or later, your momentum will pick up. Looks simple but it works for me.
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      I now write about what I know.

      I find it much easier to write fluently. The websites I have that are in topics I know little about are being a bit neglected because i can write forever on other topics.

      Playing piano - don't get me started!!
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        Originally Posted by kenj View Post

        I now write about what I know.

        I find it much easier to write fluently. The websites I have that are in topics I know little about are being a bit neglected because i can write forever on other topics.

        Playing piano - don't get me started!!
        You are spot on there. Writing about what you know makes the words just flow. Not only can you express yourself easily, but what you're writing reflects your passion and personality.

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    Hi hear writing in the nude can help when it comes to writing, TRUE, I will leave it up to you LOL.
    Ebooks With Resale Rights For Pennies On the Dollar.

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    THANKS Dean for your valuable inputs on writing tips.

    This surely helps the people who faces the writer's block frequently and always tends to go away from their daily targets.

    This will definitely help me in order to reach my daily targets. Thanks again.
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