Anybody making money with membership sites?

by ErinJoi 9 replies
I am thinking about starting a membership site with It would be based off of my website topic - basically creative money making ideas and creative marketing ideas. I have planned all along that this would be the main stream of income for my site, and I am thinking it is time to implement it.

Are you making money with a membership site?

Have you thought about starting a membership site?

I am not good at all with installing anything on my site. I need something that is totally dummy proof, and that is why I have picked igroop. Are there any suggestions with a different place I should go with?

Thanks Warriors!
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    I do a couple membership sites. But it's not as easy as some would make you believe. The hardest part is not getting it going, but constantly adding new content and fresh ideas to keep members interested. (It helps if they're making money using what you show them too).

    I've never heard of, but I highly recommend amember for membership sites.
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      Hi Erin,

      Just make sure that you only promise what you can deliver. This is the basis of where most people run into problems with memberships - they think they have to deliver a ton of stuff and promise more than they can actually deliver.

      I've been running memberships for about 8 years now and my 2 rules before opening one are:

      1 - Have enough content for the first 6 months before you launch.

      2 - Set expectations correctly so that you can overdeliver.

      I know a lot of people will tell you to launch without having a pipeline of stuff ready, but in my experience that's a high risk strategy.

      I now run a lot of membership sites for things like PLR material, IM info and videos, coaching and mentoring, dieting, cooking, and lots of others and I can still manage them all myself because of my two rules above.

      I'm no guru or anything but I can usually get a new memberships revenue up to 4K or 5K a month within a week or two, so when you consider that they're recurring revenue, fairly reliable revenue and you can keep doing more in new niches - I love memberships.

      I'm also a member of quite a few other peoples memberships too - so I'm also a customer of membership sites.



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    I'm running a membership site.. It's in my sig.

    I used Instant Membership Site Creator | Membership Ease Software as it was really easy to set up for me.
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    I'm testing that software of 2 new PLR sites I'm about to launch - I agree, it was very quick and easy to install.

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    I take a slightly different approach - I build free niche community/membership sites using various community scripts, monetize with Adsense and affiliate programs, and once the revenue reaches a decent point - sell them.

    The site that USED to be in my sig file- and it's community 'sister' site, - I just sold for $35,000 - and it was an entirely free membership community ;-)

    Watch this space for great things coming soon ;-)

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    Well igroop appears to be down right now, so I can't comment on some other ideal solutions but...

    I do own a few membership websites. As others have said, the most difficult aspect will be continually coming up with new content to keep people coming back. However having that consistent cashflow is great if you can provide this service for years to come.

    Based on what you've explained, to create "stickyness" it would be great to try and create an active community based on that concept. This way it is not just you providing all of the content to your members.

    Although based on the name igroop, I'd imagine the site helps you with this as well.

    Oh yea, there is also a group about membership sites as well. I don't have the link handy but I think you can find the link from my profile page.

    Solomon Huey
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      Stickiness can be achieved in lots of ways.

      Don't assume you need forums and such to create this effect.

      If you consider what you niche wants, there are many ways to do this.

      For example (I shared this one with someone by PM earlier so it's still fresh in my head), there are food/recipe sites that have a little script that lets you enter the ingredients you have in your cupboard and it will tell you suitable recipes you can make.

      This is the sort of thing that keeps people constantly coming back to the site - regardless of their content or anything else they're doing.

      Just use your brain and provide useful things for your visitors and stickiness can be easy.


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        There's also the FTM approach, where content is delivered on a sequential basis for a fixed period of time.

        Build it once, then just let it run.

        At the end of the fixed term (6 months, 12 months, whatever) their recurring billing stops...

        ...OR - if you can - if you have another membership site in the same niche (with a higher monthly subscription) you can sort of give them a "one-time-offer" to stay subscribed in their current billing pattern, while beginning with the new, normally more expensive, membership.

        I've promoted a few membership sites.

        I've found that services have the highest retaining rate, followed by fixed-term sites, followed by the traditional "new stuff each month" sites.

        Actually, some of the services I've promoted have basically no attrition rate. The monthly residual just grows.

        Pretty cool.

        I plan on getting into the merchant role fairly soon. It's in the cards...


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