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by fitz10
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I'm currently in the conceptualization stage of a new product and I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on the inclusion of videos and audio in an info product. Basically, I'm just wondering if people think it's worthwhile to add an audio-only component to my product if I'm already using videos? I know it will probably add perceived value to the product if I say there's an eBook, audio, and videos, but when you buy an info product, do you listen to audio clips if there's already video included?
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  • My opinion, video yes, audio no.

    I generally find audio boring unless there's video with it. This is for exactly the same reason as, if you're in a physical class, you'd expect to see a presentation alongside someone talking.

    That said, there's nothing wrong with extracting the audio from the video product for people who like to listen when travelling.

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    Fitz, definitely. I have purchased high end products that have had PDF transcripts of the audio, video, AND downloadable audio so that you can listen to it while away from the computer. It definitely wouldn't hurt to include audio in your product.
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    I like audio only because I can put it on my ipod and listen to it without being on the computer, so I'd include audio and video.
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    Like the answer to so many marketing questions like this, it depends.

    Will the audio serve a purpose, or is it just to bulk up a package?

    I, for one, appreciate an audio version of a report so I can dump it into an mp3 player or burn a CD for the car. Same for a useful, related interview.

    Stripping the audio from the videos or something, just to say you have an audio included, doesn't add value for me.

    One thing you should take account of when you ask this type of question...

    Unless the answer is accompanied by solid test data, every answer should have the 'for me' qualifier. What you are reading is my personal likes and dislikes, and those of others.
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    Thanks guys. I realize I will get a mishmash of responses here without any scientific basis but I'm just looking for general thoughts. Generally I am reader so the inclusion of video or audio is just gravy for more but I know most people prefer the inclusion of multimedia.

    If I did do audio I would not just rip from the video track. I'd want to produce something substantially different.

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    Use and offer as many formats as possible: PDF, video, audio, text. People learn in different ways an prefer different formats to do so. Offer MP3s and video, and offer transcripts of all as PDFs. I hope this helps. Good luck to you.

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    Has anyone considered that there may be a blind or a deaf person that may want to purchase your product?
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