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by Eric Engel 4 replies
Anyone know of the best places (paid ads or free) to get to ebayers?

Obviously on ebay, but I mean other places...especially if you don't necessarily have anything to auction.
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    Try ebays paid classified section. I tried it last year but didn't have much luck with it, but I've heard of others that have done well.


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    I can't even find their classified section...I didn't even know they had one. I guess it never really caught on. I thought of going to their forums, but that would require me to either straight out spam, or spend way too much time trying to become a part of the community.

    I'm looking for something I can spend money on rather than time, but still reach the people.
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    Kijiji is a classified service owned by eBay. I've never used it, but I've heard good things. And because it's an eBay property, you have a good chance of reaching eBayers.
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    You get to the ebay classifieds, by posting an auction. It's actually an auction post, but you choose "classifieds" instead of "online auction" or "store inventory".
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