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I was in Wal-mart one afternoon picking up a few things and while waiting in the checkout line happened to notice an article on the cover of a popular woman's magazine. The title of the article was so compelling that I literally had to restrain myself not to pick it up and find out more. Considering it was a Cosmopolitan magazine I really did not want to open it up in line. I have my pride.

Anyway, I noticed the titles on this magazine were fantastic examples of expert copywriting designed to do one thing and one thing only - pull women in so they cannot resist finding out what the article is about.

I read somewhere Dan Kennedy had mentioned something about the writers at cosmo but had never bothered to take a look until that day.

Anyway, if you want to get more people to read your articles pick up a copy of this magazine or view some covers online and learn from these master writers and try to incorporate some of this style into your article titles. I guarantee you will get more clicks.


Consider the usual boring article that has a title something like this:

"5 Tips For Successful List Building"

Boring huh. And then compare it to something like you might see on cover of cosmo...

"List Building: The Real Reason Your Visitors Never Opt In"


"List Building - Do This And Your Prospects Can't Resist Opting In"

Notice that for SEO purposes I have used the targeted keyword phrase at the front of the title of the article but after that I tried to create a compelling title that creates curiosity. Try it. It has been working great for our clients.
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    Thanks a lot for this man. I'm def going to test this out for the next few articles I write. I'll post results =D

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    That is a great tip that I've never thought of. Thanks so much for sharing


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    That's a great example of a good title Dustin. You're 100% right on target.

    I'm not an expert on "Women's Mags" either, but I will say that I used to grab copies of Vanity Fair from time to time because Christopher Hitchens often had featured articles and I like his style of writing and he's got an edge and he's got the guts to challenge readers.

    So here's another part of the article writing thing, and it relates to the content of many magazine such as Vanity Fair or Cosmo. First, look at the headlines of articles on the cover. Now--try to find those articles inside the magazine!

    So you're thinking, just open up the mag and look at the table of contents to find the page number for the article title you saw on the cover. Ain't gunna happen! At least you won't find a TOC right away. In many instances the Table of Contents will be buried on page 60, 80, even beyond page 100!

    The reason is obvious. Eighty percent of the pages in these magazine are full page ads from clothing, jewelry, and cosmetic manufacturers. The publisher wants you to find the articles, but they want you to find the articles only by sifting through page after page of advertisements. The ads pay the way for the publisher and they want as many eyeballs on them as possible.

    This relates to article marketing. There is a fine line between giving away too much information to readers and not enough. If you tell them all of your best secrets on the topic they are less likely to click on your links to get your newsletter or free report. If you give them too little info, they won't think you know what you're talking about.

    Like the magazine publishers mentioned above, you want your visitors eyeballs on your ad (which is disguised as an article) for as long as possible. You've got to tease them on and on to get them to your resource box. Once there you have to tease them again with an offer for something which your content has them drooling already.

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    Love your webste very professional... Seems you know what you are talking about. The website is colorful but doesn't look hokey!. I will try for that look when I decide my true path.

    Great tip by the way. You are right along with the Inquirer, Cosmos is probably the 2nd magazine that will I will pick up and read. people make fun of the Inquirer but there is a lot of truth in those pages. Great Sensational Headlines there also.
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      Also a great place to study in comic books. Don't laugh.

      I was taught to look thru the comics. Think about it.

      They say in very few words on enough for you to look
      at the picture and know exactly what it says.

      Next time look at the Dagwood comic in Sunday paper.
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    Don't forget to make your headlines have a personal touch.

    So use "Are You Making These Five Devastating List Building Mistakes?"

    instead of "5 List Building Tips To Grow Your List".

    Pull the reader in and make sure they can relate personally to the headline. Using 'you' is key. (Example: Do You, Have You, Don't You Wish...).

    Remember your headline is the single most important part of any article or sales letter, so spend more time on it everyone!!
    Ryan Street
    PHP Developer Specializing in WordPress and Magento
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    Thanks for the advice for article submission, I will try these tips.
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    Good idea Cool Ryan!

    Dustin Cannon
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    Great suggestions. It seems posing you headline in the form of a question gives it the personal aspect.

    I'm working on some new things. So, nothing to promote just yet.

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