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by Dayne Dylan Banned
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Ok, you don't have to go into details...but can those of you who have had success with the use of works in the public domain for reprint want to share your success stories? This could be general stuff on things like what you did, did you create products from it, how did you work it into a profitable site/product, etc.

I'm starting to get into it (yes, probably a bit late) and I just purchased Yanik Silver's Public Domain stuff but have yet to go through it. It looked really good and I know his stuff is golden.

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    I don't know about the "success" aspect as mine was profitable but not great, or even good for that matter. My marketing skills were very bad at that time and are still not very good.

    However, I can say that it was not terribly difficult to create a couple of products from Public Domain material. I was one of the early buyers of Public Domain Riches from Yanik Silver and the products, one on Marriage and one on Orchids, came from this purchase.

    Something I underestimated at the time was that the hard part of finding PD material (the research, niche finding, copywrite status, etc.) that comes with Yanik's package is worth it's weight in gold. This was pointed out to me in a thread 2-3 years ago. A great deal of time is saved and the product is worth thinking seriously about.

    As far as being late for the PD bandwagon - it's never too late. The available material that exists in PD will never be depleted. There have been a number of PD WSO's here that were a great help in finding PD resources that would only enhance what you can get with Yanik's product. Someone may post here and let you know of their current availability.
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