Logo refined for my first IM website - let me know what you think please

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A couple of weeks ago, I approached you, my fellow Warriors to help me narrow down a logo concept for a website geared towards weight loss for men. The response was overwhelming, and I thank all of you who submitted comments here as well as anonymously on my blog.

It was REALLY CLOSE! But thanks to your feedback, I have chosen to go with a text-only logo. I still really like the idea of the 3 silhouettes showing a fat man transitioning into a fit man, so I will probably use that elsewhere on the website. Perhaps as a banner or supplementary graphic.

Many of you who liked the text-only version said that the idea was good, but the font needed to be changed. As you'll see by clicking on the link below, it's been changed. I won't burden the Warrior forum with another round of revisions. This will be the last one. I'd be most grateful if you can tell me if you think this logo looks good, needs some more tweaking or if I need to go back to the drawing board with my designer (hopefully not, as that's not in the budget right now)!

Although the website is geared towards overweight and obese men, it's possible that wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, etc, may also look at this website on behalf of the men in their lives.

Also, let me know what you think of using the digit "2" instead of the word "to" in Fat to Fit Man (or Fat 2 Fit Man). Here's a link to the revised logo:

Peter Douglas RAW Logo Concept Refined

Feel free to comment annonymously on my blog or leave a comment here. I appreciate any and all feedback. Again, this will be the last round of comments - whatever comes about this time is what will be used.

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    Based on my advertising classes, I would have to say substituting "2" for "to" is a winner as it's more memorable because it stands out in the reader's mind.

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      I must say I really like it, simple, yet professional.
      The main thing is that if you are happy with it. When we started our website and asked people about our logo we did get very positive and very negative opinions but as the opinions where about fifty fifty we decided to keep it. I do not think you can have 100% positive comments on your logo as different people have different opinions and different way of seeing things.
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      I have to agree with barryleed. When I clicked your link and saw your logo for the first time, I found the use of "2" in place of "two" to be really eye-catching. I think it somehow gives your logo the authenticity and boldness you are looking for.

      Good luck and nice job!
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        I left 2 comments on your blog. Of all the options I've seen, I definitely prefer the FAT2Fit man with the "man" vertical, the 2 red and straight rather than tilted, no box. Great Font choice.

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    Good looking logo.
    Professional and announces what it is.
    You can always split test for colors or the 2.
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  • Profile picture of the author kaos
    Good looking logo.
    Professional and announces what it is.
    You can always split test for colors or the 2.
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    Nice work copious.

    I agree about the "2" - seems more memorable.

    Also - I much prefer the black background image over the others. I love the black and white contrast but that's just a personal thing. As Kaos mentioned you can always split test the colours anyway.
    Nice work
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    I like the Third One.
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    If you want a real test and you have a small budget to do it... pay for some banner impressions (of each) and track clicks back to your website. The one that gets clicked most is the winner.

    Kindest regards,
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    Sent you some feedback.

    PM me or just reply to the e-mail address I left in the form response.

    Best Regards,
    James Campbell
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    Wow, thanks everyone! Glad you like it. I'm really happy with the positive response. Looks like this one is pretty close to being the final product. Good idea on split testing. I hadn't thought of that. I've never done that before.

    Originally the color version was going to be the main logo, with the black & white for times when color is not used (like offline printed material, etc). I hadn't considered using it for the main logo.

    And it looks like the "2" (as opposed to "to") is a great idea, so that will have to stay for sure!
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    Forgot to mention, although I live in Canada, the website and business are all going to be US based and registered. I'm just in the process of registering the trademark as we speak. Thank you to the person who suggested that via feedback on my blog. I'll probably find this out, but do I need to put the Trademark on, beside or below my logo?
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    The third one is the best.. mayeb you can look my site for some reference artsurd.com
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    I like the third aswell. Red colour definately and i think the rounded edges finish it off nicely.

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    I like the changes you've made, and while the colors are very nice, the black and white version is much more striking.

    I don't know the definitive answer regarding trademarks, but I think you have some liberty in where you place the mark. Go to Google images and put in "trademark logo" to see many examples.

    Good luck!
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    So far it looks like pretty positive feedback. It will be virtually impossible to pick a design that everyone loves, but this one seems to appeal to most people - either as-is or with some minor tweaks. And I never imagined how popular the black & white version would be!
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    Very nice and clean logo concept. I like the third one.
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