Are You Using Windows 7? How Compatible is it for IM?

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Hey guys,

I was considering the new windows 7 when I have my new PC built but was wondering if it is stable yet?

I usually wait 6 - 12 months after the intial release before I buy to let the bugs get worked out.

Also, one main thing I worry about is compatibilty issues with IM specific software. There are a ton of software I use, some are small app's and some are large main stream app's which are updated often. Its not the large well established programs that worry me, but more the small app's that do a specific job that don't get many, if any updates but the little tasks they do are invaluable.

So, has anyone upgraded and what problems have you had?

Also would you recommend it? Is it a big improvment?

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    I recently moved to Windows 7 64Bit after being totally frustrated with Vista.
    My experience so far is really good.

    I haven't had any problems with any of the applications that I use.
    Of course I was not sure of this when I started out. So what I did was install Windows 7 on a different hard disk and had a dual boot.

    I then started installing my applications under 7 and testing them.
    On the whole, I'm very satisfied with 7 and I can add that it is very stable seeing that I leave my PC running 24/7

    Hope this helps.
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    I upgraded one of my desktops recently to 7. I have had no problems. The framework for the OS is the same as Vista -- it's like Vista 2.0. It's not the same type of jump from XP to Vista, so most programs that work in Vista should work in 7.

    That being said, the higher tier versions: Pro and Ultimate, I think, come with XP compatibility mode so you can run programs that only work on XP.

    Performance can be greatly increased in 7 as compared to Vista. Memory management and a lot of other features have been rewritten. Google performance tests on 7 compared to Vista.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hey Andy,

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate and it rocks! I've upgraded 3 other laptops in the house for my kids (they're 11 and 9) along with my wife's. Even the kids think it's "cool".

    I noticed a lot less spyware, malware, etc. My kids download all kinds of crap and it's nice to see Win7 blocking this stuff first. They then ask Dad if it's OK to download which is mostly not.

    Point I'm making is that I think Win7 is very stable and pretty safe and it certainly runs faster too. I think you can't go wrong upgrading.

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    Thanks for the replies, think I'm gonna have to make the switch, I'm glad really as I thought it was a real shame to have a brand new PC running anything other than the latest windows.

    I didn't know about the XP compatibility or the fact it runs on the same framework as Vista, now I do, thank you.


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    I run camtasia, photoshop, cover creator and frontpage and open office..

    All of it runs smooth as a babies bottom with windows 7
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      I actually really enjoy Windows 7

      Is by far 100 times better than Windows Vista.

      I've only had a problem with a couple of small little programs not working. And these programs were developed by smalltime IM type people so I know they do not have the resources to keep up with the upgrades and things of that nature.

      But, all of my major software works with it.

      Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, filezilla, TweetDeck, Camtasia...

      Pretty much every single piece of software I use on a daily basis to maintain my Internet marketing business works without a flaw on Windows 7.

      Talk soon,

      Shannon Herod
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