When writing autoresponder messages, should I leave a link to affiliate products on each message?

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For example, I have that 9 day mini course. On one message, I write that's it's important for beginners to build yourself a list and an autoresponder is crucial as oxygen.

Should I slyly put my Getresponder link at the end of the message or leave all the links/resources to the final email message, ie "build the suspense"?

Should I do that to every message? Or simply present my ecourse w/o any links whatsoever to not appear greedy?
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    yeah that would be a good idea ...
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      Using your Getresponder affiliate link will not result in immediate sales, because most beginners will not pay for the upgrade anytime soon.

      You should always include an affiliate link with every message and short ad related to your course. Search Clickbank for products to sell with your course.
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        Switch it up every once and a while. I never bother putting an affiliate link in unless I'm really confident it fits well with the message and will work, otherwise it'll discourage people I feel.
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        Always, Always, Always, include a link to your site/offer/product/etc...

        In my case, one of my lead generation strategies is to offer a free report: How To Boost Sales With Autoresponders.

        As people request the free information, they are added to my autoresponder database and they begin receiving the information that shows them exactly how to boost sales by using autoresponders.

        At the end of each letter, I include a closing comment inviting the reader to a 30 day free trial. I always include the link and the "call to action" so they know exactly what I'm asking them to do.

        The point of building your list (ultimately) is to sell your offer.

        In my case, it works like this:

        "Here's How I Do It."
        (followed by relevant and valuable content)

        then ...

        "Here's How YOU Can Do It, Too!"
        (followed by the call to action and link)

        Brian Rooney
        TrafficWave.net Email Marketing AutoResponders
        Email Marketing Blog

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          You should always have a link of some sort in every message. It does not have to be an affiliate link but can be a free gift, resource etc...

          Also don't stop your email messages at 7 or 9 messages. Any time you have free time add a new message.

          Sometimes instead of sending a blast, make it a blast first and a message also to add to your responder series.

          The internet is vast and once your main offer messages are over, keep your prospects on your list by offering them related news, item etc, to what made them sign up in the first place.

          An example email outline could go sorta like this.

          1. first message sent out immediately thanking for subscription and download link if any and if not redirected (Upon confirmation - double opt in only).

          2. message sent 2 days later asking if they need help with the download or whatever they signed up for.

          3. message sent 5 days later - start of main promotion and link to promotion page.

          4. message sent 9 days later - reminder of promotion - inject scarcity - free gift related to promo that will help them use whatever you are promoting (ebook with affiliate links)

          5. message sent 13 days later blow by blow comparison of what you offer compared to the competition, bonuses etc. link to the promotion in case they lost it and asking how they like the gift from the last message.

          6. message sent 17 days later. asking for testimonials if purchase promotion in exchange for a free gift, can leave testimonials on blog, leave link for blog.

          7. message 21 days later. Article or personal story that relates to promotion. Make this email seem as if the price will go up or stock is running out but they need to act now. All other messages after this will only have a reminder link as your will be moving on to related items for those who do not wish to purchase your promotion.

          Every message thereafter - each week try to add 2 new messages. At the end of a year you will have 111 messages in this particular autoresponder and there is no reason to stop there.

          Note: Make sure to keep all your responder messages in txt format so you can use them for other campaigns and number them like this. 1_0_Topic.txt which stands for first message sent out immediately and the topic. The second message would look like this 2_2_Topic.txt

          hope this helped a little
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    Filling a space is an opportunity, if you are comfortable giving some affiliate link its ok.. do it.. and above ask yourself how do you feel when receiving such link with the message yourself?
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