Commission Junction threatens to deactivate my account - what to do?

by bradmcleod 8 replies
I just got an email from Commission Junction and they are threatening to deactivate my account because I have not made any sales.

I have put up CJ affiliate banners on my blog - have an email list of 260 or so that I email to when I make a new blog post. In the emails that I send out - I imbed text that has links to make sales through CJ affiliates. I send out emails 2 or 3 times a month.

link to my blog - Lang and Thomas - Real Estate Blog

I have received a lot of clicks-impressions - but not been able to make a single sale.

I have read several books, listened to several podcasts, and read this forum, and seem to be doing most of the things I read about others doing.

Am I not working hard enough (not enough articles or emails? Is my list too small?

I am working to build my list - and trying to make my first sale and believe that I will in the near future. I dont want to get deactivated.

any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Just tell them what you just said. Show them the site, tell them your plan to get more traffic, show them the increase in your traffic, and ask advice. Let them know your niche, and ask if they have any suggestions that you may do, or offers you could promote to get some sales.

    I love JV's. I am a marketer, not a designer, programmer, or make it "pretty" guy.

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    Hi Brad,

    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time. It looks like you're definitely putting in the work, it's a pity it's not panning out so far.

    What sort of stuff are you promoting through CJ?

    I started out my affiliate marketing journey a long time ago with CJ, and eventually I stopped promoting their stuff. Nothing against them as a company, I think they have an excellent system and site.

    BUT, the problem I did have was that it seemed to me that a lot of the merchants on there had no idea how to make the traffic convert effectively. it seems like the pages the visitor lands on are never optimized, far too many of them are set up like retail websites, which is going to make life MUCH harder than it needs to be for anyone sending them traffic.

    Still, that was a while ago, things may have changed. Have you tried promoting things from other affiliate providers?

    I can't help but think you may have more success if you tried preselling on some related clickbank offers or something like that...

    Or you could even put together a product of your own...find out the biggest problem your niche faces, put together a report that shows them how to solve it, and then pitch it on your blog...

    Hope that's useful brad, good luck

    Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

    Whatever you need, my high converting copy puts more money in your pocket. PM for details. 10 years experience and 9 figure revenues.
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    Did CJ send you the email about deactivating you or did a MERCHANT that you've been promoting send the mail?

    It's not uncommon for advertisers (merchants) to "scrub" their affiliate roster this way but I've never heard of CJ themselves giving a publisher the boot before - that makes little to no sense to me whatsoever.
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        After 6 months with no sales, CJ can close your account(they don't always do it). I had one deactivated when I first started.

        Brad, have one of your friends or relatives buy something through your link so CJ sees some activitity and income. Then pay them back if you have to.


        they will let you start a new account, you just have to replace your ads with the new code.

        Been there-done that
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    here is the email i received....

    Dear Brad McLeod,

    You are receiving this email because we are concerned that your Commission Junction publisher account has not generated any valid commissions (from payable transactions) recently. We encourage you to begin earning commissions as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your publisher account is at risk of deactivation due to dormancy. Please see the Commission Junction Publisher Service Agreement for further explanation.

    Accounts deactivated for dormancy are eligible for voluntary reactivation with Commission Junction, but you must re-establish any previous relationships with your advertisers. After reactivation, you are ready to redevelop your publisher business and begin actively promoting offers within the CJ Marketplace.

    Of course, we would much rather see your publisher account actively earning commissions. If you would like some information on strategies and tips for doing so, please log in to the CJ Account Manager and click on the CJU Online link for helpful resources.

    If you have any further questions regarding this or other issues, please use the Ask a Question feature available by selecting the Contact Us link available in your CJ Account Manager.

    Client Support
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    I was in a similar situation fairly recently. I had been using other Affiliate sites very successfully for years but hadn't got anything sold through CJ. To make matters worse, as I hadn't had any sales, CJ was rejecting a heap of requests to join merchants.

    I finally did start getting sales and then the flood gates opened and I'm now receiving requests daily to join merchants.

    Keep it up and having a friend or family member buy something through a link isn't a bad idea.

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    I like the idea of having a friend make a purchase through my CJ link to keep the accounts active.

    I am promoting links for Jim Rohns book - 12 pillars of Success

    and mp3Motivators - Download and listen to the best personal development programs

    I will try to mix it up and find some other products to sale.

    We are working on an E-book right now to help solve a problem in my niche "frustrated landlords and real estate investors"

    any others suggestions on making my first sale? Do I need to build a bigger list and send out more frequent emails with offers?
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