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Hi guys. I am starting to get into managing multiple websites and I need to get some articles outsourced. I read that textbroker is a pretty good place to get some and I started a campaign on there today.

I'm not completely sure if my approach was as good or as clear as I'd like. Was hoping someone could lay out a decent blueprint of what they use when trying for a freelance article?
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    I write for TextBroker and as an author, I can attest that what most of us are looking for is to establish a long-term relationship with a client. It sounds from your original post that what you're working on is more than short-term at least. If that's the case then state that in your project description. The author that takes the job will probably put a little more effort into the writing if they feel it could develop into some more steady work.

    Also, start with some smaller, less expensive projects. This will allow you to sample more authors and ascertain if they have the skills you're interested in. These smaller articles could be combined into larger ones, or used as blog posts or blurbs.

    Sometimes TextBroker can be the luck of the draw and you'll get stuck with a writer that's either less talented, or has a style you don't like. If at all possible, try not to refuse an article and opt for getting them to fix it. A refusal stays on the record, sort of like ebay feedback. So unless there's obvious laziness, or an outright refusal to rework the piece, try to keep things friendly and work it out. Re-submit the job if you have to.

    You also have the right to accept only tings like over a certain amount of texts composed, no less than 90% refusal rate, etc. Also, the 3 star level is just about right.

    Lastly, it's best to get what you want written in your project description as detailed as possible, but I have a rule of thumb as a writer; if the client puts more words into their description than they want to pay to have written, then why not just write it themselves.

    Just kidding on that last one...

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      Hi Jacob,
      This is a great question. I think the articles that get picked up and completed the fastest are the ones with a clear title and good instructions.
      By a clear title, I mean either your keyword/s or an actual title, whichever you prefer. That could be "dogs" or "How to keep your dogs from destroying your yard." A bad title is "I want an article of 200 words on the topic of dogs." A good title gets good authors looking at your description.
      We have a basic description on the order form that might help you get started.

      An information portal requests an informative and interesting article concerning [PLH]. Use a formal style of speech. The following words: [PLH] should appear about 3 to 5 times within your text. Adhere to the exact mode of the mentioned keywords (singular or plural etc.). The text may not, in whole or in part, be copied or transcribed from any other source.
      [PLH] is a placeholder that will insert your keyword or title.

      Adding the audience you're aiming for, the purpose of your article, and the spin you want on it will help. If there's anything you don't want, i.e. personal stories, testimonials, the use of "you," then state that as well.
      You can include URLs as references in your description, pointing authors to a style that you like or information that should be considered. A more thorough description could be:

      I want a personable, funny anecdote on how your dog destroyed your yard and what you did to stop it. Please include "dog kennel" at least twice in the copy. The article will be read by dog owners and should support using kennels.


      Please write a positive, informative article about the benefits of dog kennels. Use the phrase "dog kennels" at least twice. It should not be a sales article and please no personal stories. The article will be read by dog owners and should support using kennels.

      If you have any questions about the system or the process, please get in touch with me via e-mail or phone at your convenience.

      Christina Zila
      Custom Content Creation
      Starting at 1.2 cents per word
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    I had not heard of Textbroker before, so I'm very pleased to find this thread. I'll give it a try.

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    I just registered to Textbroker, I'll give it a try for sure. I am eager to read the first article I will order... I just hope it will be readable.
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    I used to write on Textbroker and one thing I noticed is that it may be a good idea to pay for the upper tiers (at least tier 3). Client feedback can help boost a writer into the next tier so it's a good benchmark.

    Also, I like specific instructions but not so specific that they are confusing. Economy of words while still getting the point across in the brief is great.

    A good writeup:

    Please visit www.thewebsite.com to get a feel for the writing style.

    Keyword is Jamaican Hedgehogs. Use once in the first paragraph and once again in the body.

    Article should have 2-3 subheadings.


    Bad brief:

    Write article about Jamaican Hedgehogs. Thanks.


    Another bad style is to write several long paragraphs when you can sum things up in a few sentences.

    Most writers like to keep things moving and if there looks to be too much info, they may not even read the whole brief but still write the article anyway.
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    How not to get your $2.50 article written:
    Some of our festival web pages are lacking useful content. They require additional/rewritten content to answer potential customers' questions.

    1. Read the page indicated by the order title. URL = Chinese Festival and Event Celebrations, Highlighted Festival in China[order title].

    2. Discern what is lacking from the “body” content text (ignore left/right columns, insets, etc.). For example, a page might just require a paragraph or two of explanation (additional text), and a better location description (rewritten text). See required content below.

    3. Rewrite the page content using the guidance below, improving the English and text structure.

    4. Submit your additional/rewritten content for the word count.


    PARAGRAPHS: Web style: short paragraphs. MAXIMUM about 50 words.

    FIRST PARAGRAPH: The first paragraph should be a BRIEF, high-quality summary, whetting the appetite for the rest of the content.

    HEADINGS: Sufficient headings to break up the text and index the content. You may use bold text to highlight the paragraph theme.

    STYLE: customer-focused (see China Highlights homepage), to-the-point, factually correct not opinion; professional, but not over-formal.

    ENGLISH: Easy-to-understand and mistake-free U.S. English. Present the information as concisely and clearly as possible.

    USEFULNESS: All text must be useful/interesting. Unnecessary wordage should be avoided. Rambling text will require revision / meet rejection.

    CONTENT REQUIRED: A festival page should have the following information in approximately this order:

    Celebrated: Dates of festival this year: U.S. format, e.g. March 10-17, 2013
    Location: city, e.g. Beijing

    Name of the festival, in Chinese as well as English if possible.
    Why might potential customers want to attend the festival? What's special about it?

    What is the festival about?
    What is the history of the festival?

    What events are held as part of the festival?
    Is the festival split into areas? If so, what is offered in each area?
    What can be bought/eaten? Anything special?

    Where is the festival held? Address, in Chinese as well as English if possible.
    What is the best way to get there (from the city's center/ main transport hub)?
    Duration of festival (does it occur on the same dates each year, or is it according to the Chinese calendar)

    When is the festival open to the public, daily hours (use a.m. p.m. clock)
    Entry cost? Any other costs?
    Do attendees have to book in advance?
    Anything else attendees should know?

    Examples of better pages:
    Nan Guo Book Fair ? China Highlights
    Bird's Nest Ice and Snow Festival, Highlighted Beijing Festival
    Red Leaf Festival at Fragrant Hill of Beijing, Beijing Fragrant Hill

    Your work, once paid for, will become the copyrighted property of XXXXXXXXX.com.

    If you want a native English writer then an order that is economically-viable for a native English cost of living is likely to move much quicker. And that ain't $2.50 an hour. It's not a question of fairness. It's a question of whether you want your article written this year or not. : )

    PLR Modifiable Content

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