How Do You Market Online????

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Hi everyone,

PLEASE NOTE: I am not interested in joining your after reading this if you think you can help and are willing to help please contact me. Please do not offer me your business. I like the one I'm in. I just need help.

My name is Adam Licata. I'm 20 years old and i have been working from home for 2 1/2 years now. Sadly I haven't made a single dime. I know one of the reasons I am failing. It's because my upline tells me 2 things....and I listen.
1.To make a list of my friends and family. I tried that and no one I know personally is interested. 2.This one your going to get a kick out upline tells me...Not to market online He says its because it doesn't Funny part is he makes 25k a month....I know hes telling the truth because hes one of my dads friends. I've seen his checks...anyway the reason I am making this post is because...I need someone to point me in the right direction. I need someone to teach me how to market online. Because I don't believe my upline. I have had a lot of people tell me to give up. But I'm not going to. If anyone thinks they can help me please send me a message or call me at 847-668-9525. I am sorry for posting this...I know you all probably get this exact post a lot.

Thanks From Adam
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    Read this forum. Study the business strategies here. That's all you need for now. Tons of knowledge. Sure you can make money online, so many people do. Start studying now, define your business plan later, put it into action.

    Tell your up-line that his strategy is not working. You tried it for 2.5 years and it did not work. Does he have a better idea?

    So, you want to sell me another way to easily make "X" dollars in "X" days? ROFL too funny! IM success requires hard work and lots of time. Most newbies do not survive the steep learning curve. Anyone who says otherwise is probably selling you a fantasy.

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      Originally Posted by FredFarnes View Post

      Read this forum. Study the business strategies here. That's all you need for now. Tons of knowledge. Sure you can make money online, so many people do. Start studying now, define your business plan later, put it into action.

      Tell your up-line that his strategy is not working. You tried it for 2.5 years and it did not work. Does he have a better idea?
      No lol...every time I ask him what do I do...he just says keep talking to my friends and family
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      Hey Adam,

      Actually I don't think there are a lot of posts like yours. Most people are marketing products or services in this forum not building network marketing organizations. Actually what you ar doing is harder for most.

      But it so happens i know a bit about MLM as I have been around it a lot for the last 15 years or so.

      If you have working a business for more than two years and haven't made anything then I would suggest you quit doing what you are doing and try something different.

      Without knowing your product it is hard to make suggestions. But normally, it isn't about the money. It seems the people who are in it for the money do not do very well. It is the people who are passionate about their product and can communicate that to everyone they meet (without being pushy) are the ones who are successful.

      To help build my business online I follow traditional marketing steps. I research and identify keywords that my prospects are likely to type in and I market to those keywords with blogs, articles and videos.

      I go tot he places where my prospects are likely to hang out and I enter into the conversation and generally make myself helpful. (Like this sort of)

      Then I followup with people, build a relationship, until they are ready.

      I don't sell anybody, push anybody, convince anybody to do anything.

      It is a process!

      Good luck!

      Always looking for PPV and affiliate mentor/masterminds... Let's trade stories!

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    MLM can be hard I bet. I would try something else honestly. MLM's don't always last that long.
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    Hi Adam,

    I've tried MLM off and on over many years --- not involved now, nor do I plan to again. In my opinion, it's one of the hardest things you could choose to do. I agree with Fred that there are many more rewarding, profitable and faster ways to make money online. The Warrior Forum is an excellent learning center.

    That being said, if you are absolutely determined to continue, here are my thoughts:

    If the MLM company you're involved with has a website, start there, in your back room. I would expect they have training information that might answer how they suggest you market online. (Note, if you think of placing ads online or offline, most MLM companies require prior approval of your ad before you can use it.)

    A friend had decent success placing ads in college newspaper -- depends on your product.

    Placing free or paid ads online will probably not help much (sorry!) If your company offers replicating websites, you might try joining some traffic exchanges or a safelist marketing service like ListJoe where you view other people's ads in exchange for them viewing yours. Again, don't expect much return.

    If you keep after your friends and family, they will start avoiding you at all costs. If they don't get it, they DON'T get it! And, you have limited friends and family. At least online you have a practically unlimited audience to approach. You might recruit a few.

    You need to find people who are open-minded and searching for ways to make extra money. You can find free and (better) paid leads online where people have filled out surveys and/or requested information on ways to make money from home. The information these lead companies send you will include names, addresses, phone #s, how much they are able to invest, etc. The best way to contact these people is to pick up the phone and call them. Make yourself a script to follow -- what you want to tell them and what you want to ask them. Keep notes. Always be polite. You'll get a lot of "not interested" but you might get some that are willing to take a look. Then followup with an email and send them to you company website or training call. Your sponsor (Dad's friend) should be prepared to help you, even talk to these people with you to answer any questions. Once you start recruiting a downline you must be prepared to help your downline with what works and any help they need (time consuming).

    Try to talk to people with an entrepreneurial spirit. People content to work for others, in my opinion, are less likely to be good prospects than small business owners and "dreamers." (Some successful MLMers find doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc. willing to promote. You only need a few good people to move your downline along.) Talk to everyone but know when to back off when they show no interest.

    Find people who belong to groups/organizations. Talk to one or pitch the group. You want to try to find people with larrge "circles of influence." The more people they know, the easier it will be for them to get started. If not interested, ask for referrals (from everyone you talk to).

    If you have sample products, you might try passing out free samples. Some people might join as distributors because they like the benefits of your product. Others might turn into retail customers.

    If all your sponsor tells you is "friends and family," he is doing you a disservice. Ask to talk to your upline for more ideas. If you have meetings, ask others at the meetings how they recruit.

    Just a few thoughts. Sorry to be so long. Best of luck to you.
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    MLM is definitely a tough business to get into when you have no contacts...

    If I had to offer one piece of advice I'd say start with building a list targeted to people interested in business opportunities then market to them.

    I would also recommend getting out of MLM for now and starting with something easier to make money with like affiliate marketing, freelancing, VMC Networks...

    There really are tons of different ways to make money online - many that don't even require you to sell anything...
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