Thank You Dennis Grubbs...

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Today I had a great teleseminar interview with WordPress Blog expert, Dennis Grubbs. I had anice little WP blog going on and then one day, without notice, WHAM! It was disabled by WP...

I had read a lot here about the dangers of NOT hosting yuor blogs on your own server, but I didn't listen...

I posted a call for help on this forum and the help came like the cavalry. So many Warriors, so much help. Dennis actually made my problem go away in a matter of days.

His information in todays interview was incredible and the value he gave to all listeners on the call is ridiculous. If you know NOTHING about WP or if you want to learn how to monetize and automate and drive traffic to one, his information is excellent.

I hope a lot of Warriors visit his profile (JJP Marketing) and look at what he's offering.

That's all I have to say about that...the program is not an affiliate item and no animals were harmed in this presentation.

Louie Frias
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