First Live Tweet From Outer Space... The value of one idea, now a OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD phenomenom!

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No the tweet from outer space wasn't from aliens, not yet anyway

Apparently "NASA-stronauts" can now send tweets directly from outer space without having to go through ground crew first, another giant leap for mankind.

I bet twitter never saw THIS kind of growth when they came up with this idea.

To the real reason for my post...

I see this as the real beauty of ideas, how they can outgrow the very brains that created them. So, never underestimate an idea you have, and never underestimate the monetary value of any idea in the first place.

I find that many marketers and non-marketers can't often see the innate value in simple one sentence ideas, they want to see fleshed out 500-page manuals or listen to someone talk for months (in a membership site) on a simple concept.

Imagine if the twitter guys had come up to this very forum and asked...

Hey what do you guys think of this... "I'd like to set up a very plain looking site and allow people to sign up for unlimited free accounts so they can post short 140 character messages about whatever they want and others can see those messages instantly on their screens, I don't have a way to monetize it yet, but what do you think?..."

I bet some people would have suggested adding adsense first off lol

But seriously I'm sure many would not have seen how valuable that simple post would have been...

Moral of my ramblings...

Do not overlook the monetary value of an idea because it hasn't yet been shown to you... Sometimes you need to look deeper than what you see on the surface ON YOUR OWN... don't miss out on some of the greatest moments of your own life because no one sent you a 400 page ebook explaining how to use it.

Just my 2 cents.

And while I'm on the subject, I'm totally for selling and buying short reports for high ticket prices (if they warrant such a value), I live for the day when we can all see the value in quick read fast action info as opposed to information that takes days, months, years to put together and then have to be sold for peanuts...

Just my musings of an idea I wish would take off again as it was used be. :rolleyes:

Your thoughts guys?


PS: NASA Tweets In Space: Twitter reaches a new level : Product Reviews Net
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