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Hello there,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend places or people to create a transcript from videos.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Kind regards

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    You can import the videos into Camtasia and other software programs that allows the extraction of the audio portion of the video then take it to escriptionist or similar service.

    Frank Bruno
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    I've heard of Dragon Naturally Speaking. It's a dictation program, that transcribes audio on the fly.

    A simple Google search should point you in the right direction.
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      I don't know if it's something she has time to do right now, but I can highly recommend my Static Blogging partner, Stacie Bennett. When I first created the videos for the course, I asked if she could create a written reference report from them thinking she would do mostly cliffnotes. She, instead, created a very detailed (almost word for word) transcript including screen captures and table of contents. And she did so very quickly! (I'm still not sure how she does it so quickly lol)
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      Hi Colleen ~

      I sent you a's one of my specialties! No need to extract the audio yourself since I can do that for you.

      This is a great question because normally people only think that audios can be transcribed, but anything that has been recorded can be transcribed somehow. So if you've got videos laying around and want to create some extra content like e-books, reports, articles, newsletter or website content, have them transcribed!

      ~ Tara
      Tara Needham
      Transcription and Virtual Assistance Services
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