New Adwords Account - Which Currency $'s or £'s (UK) ?

by philm
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Hi all

I am just looking to set up an Adwords account. I am UK based and selling globally - quite a lot of UK sales but also a sufficient amount from overseas so I will run ads targeting a lot of different countries, but maybe with a slight emphasis on the UK.

Will the currency that I set my Adwords account up in have much of an impact on the cost of my ads?

The smallest bid increment in UK £'s is 1p, which is closer to $0.02 than the minimum $0.01 click in a $'s account - not sure that I'll be doing enough volume on such small clicks for that to have a massive impact though!!!

With the exchange rate movements, is there an advantage/disadvantage to setting up in $'s as opposed to £'s??

It is 02:15am here right now and I can't get my head around which would be the best option!

Just wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on this please

Many thanks in advance

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    This is just my personal opinion,
    but I would use your own currency.

    That way you will always be clear
    about your advetising cost in your
    own local currency.

    This is just a personal opinion.
    If you think that using US$ will be
    better for you do it.


    Gian L.
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