Flippa? Good? Or a bunch of niche thieves?

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Hi I have recently tried to sell a site on Flippa and it seems like I keep getting a bunch of flakes,. People ask me for all of my stats traffic and everything after its already stated in the auction,. Just really weird and discouraging becuase I paid alot of money for the auction and I keep getting people playing games. What have your experience been on there? My site is in the 8-10k range so I know people ask alot of questions,But I send them the valid info and never hear from them again? They probably run off to use my screenshots in there hacker forum ebook offers!? Sorry just very frustraited...
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    Flippa can be good - just watch out and make sure you only deal through Flippa and not off the site. If you provide screenshots already then just point them to the auction page. If they didn't read your whole auction before sending you a message then how interested could they possibly be in your site?

    Once you cut through the layer of crud on there it can be an invaluable resource.
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      At that price point, I would suggest you treat your site like any other high end product, talk about all the features and benefits, etc. Basically do a product launch for the web site you are selling. You really have to do a good job of selling it, and get the idea across of why it is worth the money you are asking. Don't expect just because you build it they will come.

      You may have already done all the above, but if not, get to work.


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    Thank you George I have done this. I have answered all questions and concerns,I have had no problems with that,. its just after I confirmed everything they don't respond,Thats what gets to me,..

    Is there any other site auctions as good as Flippa?
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    Maybe chase them up after a few days and ask their reasons. In that price range you will always get tyre kickers and rubber-necks.
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    Write, or have written some good articles about the benefits of buying a premium, established website like yours. List all the articles on EZA and backlink the heck out of em. Get a fitting domain name and redirect to a squeeze page featuring whichever site you're selling.

    Save your money and skip the hassles of flippa. When you sell a site, make a new squeeze page for another and change the redirect.

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