Google keeps telling me about an article I wrote over a years ago

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Hi Warriors,

I tend to forget how much stuff I've done and things I take for granted so I just wanted to share this.

I use Googles alert service - Google Alerts

It keeps me up-to-date of new information that google finds coming online about various words and niches that I track.

Well, I wrote an article in June 2007 but other people are still republishing it on their sites today.

So, even though I know how much traffic I generate from this article I don't do much to keep track of when other people share it, but with the Google Alert service, whenever a site that Google cares about reprints it - I get an email to tell me.

Since I always focus my efforts on what's working and what Google cares about - Any new place that I get an alert about is a new place where I focus on getting more of my content - and I know when it happens - because I get a Google Alert telling me


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