What Brings You To The Warrior Forum?

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I come to the Warrior Forum when I'm looking for help on a project, have a question that only other experienced marketers/designers can answer, or even just when I start a new website that I need to get listed in the SE's (via the sig). What brings you here?
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    This is one of the best places to learn about IM and copywriting, my two businesses. WSO's never hurt either
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    I come for information, ideas, and motivation. In fact, it's become a habit to read through the latest posts each night on my iPod before falling asleep. Probably not the best time to read the forum because I have to fight the urge to get up and start implementing something new, but I do wake up in the morning with some new way to enhance my overall strategy.
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      I have been studying and laying the ground work to my IM business for some months now whilst browsing this forum from time to time.

      I feel now is the time that I know enough to be able to contribute something useful to this forum as well as learning a lot to help take my business forward.

      War Room membership will follow in the next few weeks.
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      I come here mainly to get new ideas and if possible to pick a WSO thats been reviewed as high quality. You just don't get that when you surf the internet and stumble upon some sales page.

      Just check out my Google+ profile, that's all :) WHAT? You were expecting some kind of a sales pitch ???

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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      A 24 MB Internet connection and IE 8
      Dang... beat me to it.

      Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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        Great source of information on internet marketing and a large number of wonderful people!
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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      A 24 MB Internet connection and IE 8

      Clever, very clever.

      Back to the question, what brings me here are the like-minded people that are members. It's always nice to be around people who think like you, just gives me that mushy, home-like feeling. And then, there's the education of course.

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    Information mainly. I want to educate myself in ways to improve my website and make my business more successful. I heard that this forum was full of useful knowledge so here I am.
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    Originally Posted by Matthew Keith View Post

    I come to the Warrior Forum when I'm looking for help on a project, have a question that only other experienced marketers/designers can answer, or even just when I start a new website that I need to get listed in the SE's (via the sig). What brings you here?
    A Mac and Internet Connection.

    Nah...it was very popular since years ago and I just stumbled upon it.

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    I have just started to come to the site to help improve my business. It seems to be a great place to get new ideas, needed information and to meet people both successful as well as struggling with some of my same issues. I have already picked up alot of great information and a few contacts for the future that I was unable to find elsewhere!
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  • Tips, guides, WSO, masterminding, socializing, banter and business partners!

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    To give and receive free IM tips.

    You may only be someone in the world, but to someone else, you may be the world.

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    What brings you to the Warrior Forum?
    I usually walk so far then hop on my executive
    office chair and travel the remaining part of the
    journey on castors. ;-)

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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      learning new strategies, more money making opportunities,
      helping others, being able to talk with other warriors

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  • I come to share and learn. When I have a question, and I do not know the answer, I seek help. Most of the time, the experts can enlighten me. Also, even when I am helping others out, I get to see how others do theirs. There are more than one way to get thing done, and so I am learning the other good methods. Make me understand the subject better. Good experiences overall.
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    Right now I am coming to learn. In time I will be sharing what I have learned .............but I am a long way from being able to provide knowledgable help. The biggest problem I have is knowing when to stop reading the posts and take action! Knowing when I know enough to stop being afraid to make a step is when I will be able to give back.
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    To procrastinate and still feel like I am doing something for my business.
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    Useful knowledge and ideas, freely shared, instead of sales pitches. I actually found this forum right after it was started, but I foolishly decided that the monthly membership fees they used to charge were too steep. Now, I could kick myself in the butt about that decision. This is by far the best site of its kind on the internet. War Room membership is my next step, as well.

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      I'm new to this forum and i'm impressed from the quality of knowledge and people.
      I come here to get new ideas, educate myself on IM and marketing in general, contribute as much as i can and meet people with common interests.
      The last is probably the most important. As Bill Glazer quotes: "the entrepreneur is the loneliest man in the world".
      Finding places where you are not an alien is important for every entrepreneur.
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    I'm also thinking about war room membership, a lot of people seem to think that it is very worth the money. Do people really find such larger gains from being an official member?
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    Someone told me 5 years ago WF has a free bar policy..

    I got in...

    Still findin' where that is though..

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    I come here because it's a great place to not only learn information about Internet marketing, but to get other peoples opinions, and to read about other peoples experiences, which can be quite inspiring.

    There's also some great services to take advantage of, and other opportunities such as the WSO forum.
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    Someone mentioned it. figured it was another blackhat/greyhat (that was really black hat in disguise) crappy overpriced member site offering re-hashed out dated crap like Google arbitration and the like.

    was pleasantly surprised it was free (at the time) and was even more pleasantly surprised when I saw grey/black hat techniques and unethical business practices blasted by well respected members, so I joined after lurking a few months.

    Have found this forum to be much like finding a rare pearl in a heap of mud. Few other like it. Due to it's high ethics, many don't like it (lot's of cons going on out there). So much me, me, me, in the world. This is a safe haven for 'good' people. Some with a lot of talent and very generous with their knowledge. A rare and wonderful find.
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    The knowledge and the goodwill in this forum is what brings me here.

    There are many other IM forums out there, but they lag far behind.

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      My 1st post after some quite excessive lurking! I'm here for some clarity amongst a whole heap of sales pages and people promising me 'the answer'. I joined the silent team forum and it can be a bit quiet, someone on there mentioned here, and I was amazed at how busy and useful it is. I'm on the verge of launching my own product (baby massage dvd/download) and I am doing all my homework on how to get the most sales possible. I now know I needed a list before making my product but hey ho. I'm interested in learning as much as I can about SEO, social networking, article marketing and some technical things like how best to administer JVs and the best places to find them. My website is being built at the moment with a SEO freelancer and my product should be finalised in a few weeks so I'm getting ready to launch.

      Feels better now I have jumped on in!

      Helen Pritchard
      New Stork Times
      Baby massage and Colic Help Downloads
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    Information and lots of it. My site was started for my catering business and the web site builder did not finish. Ha!

    Best Wishes Lee

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    I've heard the warrior forum mentioned many times on other forums. I finally got a chance to check it out.
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    Curiosity... To see what my fellow warriors are up to
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    I came initially to buy recommended products. Most of them were very good. I've only recently began following threads. There are some very helpful people in this forum. Many of the gurus that I follow (and give most of my money to) highly recommend this site, also.

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    Girls, Guns, Goons and Gold

    Ooopps wrong forum...

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    I'm a new member to WF but I've been an active member on other popular IM forums for months. I've heard great things about WF and had to experience it for myself. You can never have enough information!

    Y!IM/AIM:wireworksDSL URL:wireworks.net
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    to open a new business here... have been lurking and reading in the dark for a while...

    now, it's time to implement...
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    I just left a job with an online giant that restricted my online activities. Not that they would only let me use certain sites, but they have a lot of clients, so it would have been a conflict of interest for me to sell products or be an affiliate.

    Now, among other things, I'm coaching for an Internet Marketer, so I'm always looking for new, fresh ideas.
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    Learning from some of the experts that contribute on this forum. Networking with so many like minded minds all in one place. Hearing about the latest "Internet marketing buzz" and reading about any new ideas and products. I'll be honest, also for getting some exposure to some of my sites.


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      I"m planning on retiring in May and want/need supplemental income. I teach tech at the university and have created four businesses in years ago so IM seemed a natural evolution for me.

      I came to the Warrior forum for:

      1. information
      2. community, with enough going on to be able to decide who's information is reliable
      3. to have my mindset adjusted so I think like an IMer

      Feel like I've been getting all three since joining the forum and Warroom last summer


      I wrote my signature on the screen with a Sharpie but for some reason it's not showing up.

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    A fellow Warrior invited me here, and needless to say I'm buzzed they did.

    Now I mainly use it because the people are some of the coolest on the planet.
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    I knew all I needed to know about IM before I got here .

    The WF has cured my tunnel vision and now I see I only understood a small part of IM because of it's vastness

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    The great community, the unlimited opportunities, the limitless potential.

    If you ever need any help, don't hesitate to contact me! I love giving back to the community...
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    Looking for Women Online

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