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I submitted my site to check for links at [] and it came back with 0 links to google. I'm doing something really wrong, any suggestions on how I can fix this please.

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    you have 2 in yahoo and 298 in MSN.
    YOu prbably have more in google too but they are not showing.

    Try to submit to directories
    write articles.
    Social bookmark
    Request links from other related sites.
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    Links sometimes take a while longer to show in Google. Just give it time and get more links!
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    Thank You for your replys, because I'm fairly new to this I might of over reacted I'll keep trying.

    Thank You:
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  • Google is known to frown upon automated links or queries form softwares and websites. It is quite likely that Google will not respond to a search engine tool such the link checker tool that you are using. I have found this to be the case for many other automated seach engine optimisation tools when it comes to querying Google for results. Try Google directly for the links to yur site as opposed to using the link checker tool. For others earch engines it will be fine but for Google manual queries are best.
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