Anyone In Australia Recieved Stompernet 2.0 Yet?

by David Birley 12 replies
Hey there warriors...

Just a quick question - if you're in Australia, or know of someone who is (and have ordered the STSE2 from Stompernet)...

Have you actually received anything yet?

As you're probably aware - the Customer Service is at best AVERAGE, and emails do not get replied to, and calling them leads to a voice message.

The only thing I get is the odd email. I ordered on the day it opened, have been notified that it SHIPPED on the 13th, (no tracking numbers by the way) and it's now the 3rd of October...

I can understand that shipping can take a while if you actually USE A SHIP (in the ocean). = slow. But hey - for the $33 shipping fees, i would imagine a week at most...

Cheers, Dave
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    Hi Dave,

    I'm in Sydney and waiting ... mine was shipped on 9/9.

    Will let you know as soon as it turns up.

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    Hi Dave

    George here from melbourne...clock still ticking and waiting..there where some shipping delays mine went out on the 16th..
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    I ordered it at launch and I got a shipping date of the 15th. No package yet...
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    AH HAH!!!

    It's not just me going crazy.

    Probably Like you guys I'm waiting to GET the product before making the choice to KEEP GETTING the product!

    A whole month though? Wow.

    I don't know about you guys, but when you ordered, there was no option to choose your state (if you ordered outside the USA)...

    So - in the ZIP code box I wrote Victoria and my postcode.

    Their system wouldn't allow me to complete the order without choosing a "state" so i just chose a random one like "AP" (whatever that is)...


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    It arrived!!!

    A full 36 days after ordering...

    And, I must say, compared to the other stuff I've received from various marketers, this product is actually GOOD...

    Be interesting to see what the next few issues are like...
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    • If it makes any of you feel better - mine was supposedly shipped Sept 22 (according to an email) and I haven't gotten it yet...and I live in Canada (right next door). So - I guess patience is the operative word. Congrats on receiving yours, David!

      Best Regards, Georgetta
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    Originally Posted by David Birley View Post

    Hey there warriors...

    ............... if you're in Australia, or know of someone who is (and have ordered the STSE2 from Stompernet)...

    Have you actually received anything yet?...............

    Cheers, Dave

    It's encouraging to hear you got your order, David.
    I ordered same day they opened. After querying customer support on the 15th Sept I received a reply 2 days later saying that it was shipped on the 16th.

    Between then and now I've sent 3 more emails with no replies. I never received any email with bonuses nor UPS shipping notice.

    If my package is on a similar schedule to yours I hope it will arrive very soon.

    Has anyone actually received the bonuses advertised?

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      Mine was ordered early Sept, then I received an email saying shipment was effected on 15th Sept. I am still waiting for my package.

      3 emails (1 to a different address to the first 2) have gone unanswered.

      I will wait a while longer, then contact Brad Fallon via the details he left in another thread. No point in hassling him unduly as the issue is likely a postal delay and everyone, including the postal services, is likely to be in the dark about precisely where the package is.

      The thread you need to look at is here: (because I haven't made 15 posts I can't list full URL - sorry).

      Brad Fallon has listed his email address and phone number. In the circumstances this was the right thing to do and in my view goes a long way to alleviating concerns. It shows a genuine readiness to be accountable and is the type of action associated with someone determined to solve problems.

      Perhaps we should also consider that Stompernet is a very valuable brand, run by some astute people. Sure, there have been delivery stuff ups for some customers, however my belief is that they will stand by their product and we will get it. The situation is concerning and disappointing, however I think worry is unnecessary.
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  • I got mine here in Canada, and it is fricken awesome.
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      My parcel has arrived intact, however I never did hear anything from customer service.
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    Has anyone got the second newsletter yet? The first turned up eventually - it came by carrier pigeon. I'm wondering if the second package is coming by kayak?

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    Hey there,

    Ordered Stompernet on Launch day (from Perth, Australia), still haven't received my initial order yet (going onto 2 months now).

    Did receive the second issue a couple of days ago though.

    Anyone have a number or email address other than the ones that don't work?

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