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Hello am here once again to throw a challenge.

If you have read my post before, i am on my way to raising over $150,000 by April 2010 latest and $44,000 out of that money are debts that MUST be paid latest by March 2010 or....

Anyway i have set up some websites and i am planning to hit $30,000 by February. I plan to set-up over 30 websites by the end of next week and submit like 1,000 articles.

I am not doing this alone as i have about 8 people who are working with me. Now here goes my challenge, if you were to raise $30,000 by the end of February or $44,000 by march what would you do?

Considering the fact you have 8 people who are willing to work 10hrs daily and an extra $5,000 so spare.

The best answer gets $50 and would be announced here.

Thanks warriors, as you answer me which of course is a great help to me not only will i benefit from it but other warriors.
Lets do it again
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