Do you filter stuff from great stuff?

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Hi Warriors,

There are always people asking for 'the best' resources for various things here.

Almost every time they do, there are some replies from people for things they haven't actually used.

Or even worse - just a generic list of sites which they post with no reason for why those particular ones are 'the best'.

Sometimes it's probably just a lazy reply with 'some stuff' rather than the best, but other times it seems like people are just regurgitating the same thing someone else told them but in answer to a different question.

When you ask for 'the best article directories' (for example) - what do you really want? A massive generic list of sites? ones that other people have used and had good results with? some random subset of sites with no real reason for why they've been chosen?

If you're responding to peoples requests for help - please take the time to read their question and post what they asked for rather than throw a big generic list at them.

This is how people get confused and think they need to submit everything to 100's of places, whether it's search engines, articles directories, bookmarking sites...... whatever - there are usually only a handful that make most of the difference, so building big lists of 'places' often doesn't help anyone - unless they're looking for the biggest list of places.

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