What's your list building system?

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What is it? Tell me!

Honestly though, do you have a "system" for staying organized and scheduling swaps, organizing offers, etc.? I have a lot of trouble staying on the ball and keeping it organized and scheduling whilst juggling 200 other IM activities. Any tips for staying organized?
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    Get the software. Seems like Uncle Dmitry has one automated ad swap system. I have another for $10. I'm sure others will pop up soon.
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    Article marketing + squeeze page having good ranking position = steady flow of sign-ups and responsive list. I'm not against ad swaps and I've done them from time to time, but nothing beats article traffic and organic search traffic coming through the right keywords for list building. Highest quality people you'll get from a targeting standpoint - at least using free (money-wise) traffic sources. Of course your landing page is crucial and the offer you make. You already know that part, though.

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    I have no system...I just have a list of things I need to get done each week (in my head!) and do what I feel like doing when I wake up...then throughout the day I get new ideas and go with it. I'm not the most organized person, but it all gets done! So at least make sure you have a list of what you want to include in your system then start determining what you will do yourself and what you will hire out.
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      Link exchanges help very much, as long at they are 3 way links. Then article marketing, blog reviews, and paid directory submissions.
      I have developed a 3 way linking system that I use on some of my sites... Do you think people would pay for the software that manages 3 way link exchanges?
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    OK this one has worked wonders for me..

    Each month I compile a list of links that point to the best news reports, articles, whatever, that I have posted on one of my blogs.

    I send it out as a newsletter to my list and REQUEST that they share it with others who might find the information useful.

    By explicitly asking my readers to re-post the newsletter on their blogs, on the forums they use, to forward it around their networks, friends, family, colleagues etc the email list has grown very quickly and gets people talking about it, my site, my products and urr, me (well my pen name).

    In each mail shot I include a link to the subscribe page, so it's easy for people who've never heard of my site to join up.

    Mind you it doesn't work in every niche.
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