I Really Need Your Opinion On This Please!

by Dennis Cheesman 20 replies
Hey warriors,

I am trying to make a decision on whether to use a nice design for my sales page or a regular plain design?

I will probably test between them both after I launch but would like to get some opinions on which you prefer?

I mean which would you come closer to ordering from if the copy was compelling?

Design A: Design A

Design B: Design B

Also if you don't mind letting me know what you think about design A, is it easy on the eyes, does it distract you from the headline, does it make you want to read more?

I appreciate any help and opinions you can give

Note: I just slapped up a page for this, I will have a salesletter on it once it is completed, so I'm not looking for a copy critique

Much appreciated,
Dennis Cheesman
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    I prefer a site that comes with great design. Your design doesn't distract me. I'm OK with the design as it's simple yet effective, at least to me.

    "Advanced Marketer? Complete beginner? Someone in between?"

    However, the font size for above line kidda too small. I didn't notice that until I read your copy again
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      voted for A was much better.thanks.
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        I prefer A.Stream of consciousness...I've been thinking about your use of "Warning" in the headline. I felt kind of let down when I finished the headline, because it's not something I think I need to be warned about, and then I began to think of the small comedy in the idea, "warning! my product follows!"

        - For your import/export/customs questions or problems, send PM.

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    I voted A. Thought it looked better.

    siggy taking a break...

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    Thanks a lot for the replies...

    I like A as well, but you know how there is different opinions on the conversion rate when using a header vs no header..

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      Design A (I think that was the one with borders) makes you look at the headline immediately. Even though there is more stuff on the page, it is more focused and less busy.

      Good job.
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    I definitely prefer the "bordered" effect of "A". Reminds me of that study they did with kids in a school playground. No fences, the kids stayed close to the school building. Fences, and the kids spread out more. Don't know if that makes sense in this case, but that is where my brain went
    My eyes/brain prefer the borders; maybe cause they make the page look more compact, and hence ...
    The colour scheme was okay for me.

    Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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    voted for A
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    Hi Dennis,

    Design A made me want to read on. The graphics, header and the color scheme really work.

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    I vote for A also, i do like to see nice designed graphics to a page, im a visual person.
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    Thanks for the replies

    I think it is going to be design A..

    Shaun - I kind of liked it.. now you got me thinking though

    Maybe I could add some text that will really get them excited to the side of the arrow( any ideas?)

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    Hi Dennis,

    I'm going against the crowd here (as usual, I'd go for B... maybe because I'm design and graphically challenged and can whip B up in minutes and still get great results? Anyway, both work, though I voted for B because A gives me an "artificial" 'big boy look', plus it's a sign up page does it have to be over-designed? Just my weird 2 cents. B for me.

    Take care,

    Kunle Olomofe
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    Long time no see

    It is just a temporary page, I will be adding the salesletter once it is completed by the very talented Sherice Jacob at Web Design, Copywriting, SEO and Internet Marketing Tips

    She is an AWESOME person!

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    I didn't care for the shade of green used, but still voted for 'A'.


    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Well.. 71.43% like Design A best so it is the one I will use..

    What do you think about the arrow at the top, I used it to try and draw your attention to the headline.. Do you think I should write something there as well?

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    I love the arrow, that was one of the things that I initially noticed. Maybe you could move your logo closer to the arrow?
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    I like design A, but I will go out on a limb and say that design b will pull better.

    That being said, I often use graphics I like hopping my test are wrong and the pretty design pulls better. :-)
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    The design means nothing.... useability means everything.

    Work on your call to action and get that subscription box in the top fold, please!

    Honestly, when you scroll down to the bottom fold of each of the two designs, they are essentially identical (less the border from design A) because the header graphic from Design A is out of view.

    Test and track with A/B split testing for opt-in conversion rates (unless your doing that right now which isn't the best test because your sample size will be too low for accurate analysis).

    Ditch the two sub headlines and pop in some Video outlining the problem and the outcome after the solution was implemented including the Launch Date to build up some anticipation.

    If you can, keep your page to one page with no scrolling and you'll see bigger Opt-In conversions.
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    Clark this is just a sample, once the salesletter is completed it will be added to the site..

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