What Hosting Solutions are Available?

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Hi Warriors,
I am trying to understand what kind of hosting solutions are available? So from my understanding there are two solutions.
1) use a hosted solution where you use something like google analytics and let them host your statistics...

2) Software solution where you install the analytic software on your server.

I heard about software solution where you install on your local machine but how can this work?

Are there any other solutions available that I have missed?

Would really appreciate your feedback..

Thanks a million
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    Nobody knows?

    Would really appreciate if someone could reply?

    Thanks so much

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    Chloe - because of your thread title, most people clicking into your thread will think they may be able to help you with your hosting question, but it seems you're really looking for information about website analytics. How deep of an analysis do you need? Google Analytics is fine, but if you're just looking for the basics your web host may have a stats package that will give you that and you don't have to install anything. I'm not sure what your goals are, but you might want to check your control panel for the stats package(s) and see if you need any more than that.

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    I think the title of your thread was a little misleading. And the use of the term "hosting" kinda threw me off. I thought you were talking about actual website hosting. Just use AWStats which should be included in your hosting plan...assuming you have one. yes, you can either use a service like google's or you can install an application script onto your webserver via FTP. If you're on a budget, use your AWStats or google analytics. Why pay for something free? But I guess if you want all the fancy bells and whistles, then you can go with the paid software. And yes there is also a type of web analyitics software that you can install onto your desktop just like a regular computer program. I think this would require a DSL or broadband internet connection for constant updating, otherwise it would just update every time you access the internet. Do a google search for "desktop web analyitic software" and you should find your answers. hope this helps
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