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I know this is rather more a general that specific question, but here goes anyway...
I'm using, what is the minimum number of searches - for 2/3 tail KWs (month & ave) I should be looking for?


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    Hi Ian

    Yes your question is general and nobody can really answer that without knowing the exact details of your business, niche, products and prospects.

    There are people who do really well with tiny searches and those who do wjust as well with larger search numbers.

    Don't forget to conisder the other side of the equation and that is "competition". So you could go for soemthing with lots of searches and yet get too much competition.

    You need to realy study keyword reseach in depth and do some tests for your market.

    I've heard some so called gurus say you need to aim at a minimum of 20,000 monthly searches ... but doesn't help you coz tit odoesne't take competition into account. But they say with that many searches you can then subdivide the niche into subniches and get really specific - now that does make sense.

    Everyone's situation is different so you need to test for yours.

    Good luck
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