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Warriors, I need your feedback.

First things first, there are no affiliate links in this post, its pure content to help you, so give me your feedback once your finished good, bad, or indifferent.

Its been a long while since I've posted in the forum and to be honest I miss it. Time is just flying and business is growing. So I will take some time again to come back and post and try to provide value to the membership.

Now this subject seems to be at the heart of your problems so I figured I'd help you out as best I can.

That subject is TRAFFIC!

Everybody wants it, so few can get it.

Traffic isn't hard to get. It all depends on how you want to get it.

You can either...

*Buy it (ppc marketing, ezine advertising, cpa networks, cpm mail drop, pay per post)

*Borrow it (JV partners, Ad swaps, etc)

* Create it ( generate your own content)

Without getting into too much depth as this would be an entire ebook or audio or video series I'll just break it down for you and tell you how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site with relative ease.

Yes I did say with ease, even if your a newbie.

So lets say you got no money period! as this is the state most people are coming online have to deal with.

All you have is an internet connection and computer access.

So lets roll ;-)

Step 1. Do your research into a very hot and hungry market and before you say "yea I know that", most don't.

What's a hot hungry market?

Well one where there is quite a bit of competition from advertisers and people are consuming information on a regular basis like buying multiple products a month or subscribing to 1 or 2 services on a monthly basis.

That's a hot market, and there are tons of them out there.

Don't be fooled into believing you should be finding small niche markets with very little competition, HAH!

Very little competition means your going to limit yourself even before you get out of the gate.

Believe me I've subscribed to that theory in the past and the only way your going to make substantial money in that kind of environment is when your selling a high ticket product or service to make it worth your while.


Your going to find 30 of these small niche markets with little to no competition and spend the next 14 months developing them so you can make great income.
(Believe me I've been down that road as well.)

But I'm digressing lets get back to what this about.

How to get traffic.

Ok so you've got no money, which means you've got all the time in the world. So lets work smart.

You've done your research and you've found a hot market where people are rabid buyers of information products and just can't get enough.

So lets say I'm going to move into the "business opportunity market"

This is an absolutely gigantic market with an insatiable appetite for devouring information.

Do you think there's some traffic from this market?

I'd say, lets go to the google keyword tool at

and type in "business opportunity" without the quotes

Now at the time of me writing this post, the keyword tool is under some sort of spell and pulling results saying "not enough data" which figures, but anytime you go to the tool you'll get some results that will shock you as to the amount of search volume for this keyword phrase.

Which basically means, there is a boatload of traffic for this keyword phrase and the competition is very fierce. But so what you don't care because now you found a market keyword phrase to drill down with and find a find a niche.

Whats a niche?

A niche is a subsection of the market you've just found.

So in this market space there are thousands of niches to get traffic from,
so lets just pick one.

Well I figure with the "business opportunity" market what are they trying to do? what's the problem?

Well they want to make money, build a business, sell a business, buy a business or a host of different things so I figure what usually is a good starting place when you want to do something?

Usually it starts with "how to do x"

So I dig down and find the phrase "how to make money" nice niche.

Now the "how to make money" niche is hungry for information and there is a ton of traffic from this niche actively searching and buying information.

So we've got a market (business opportunity) , found a niche (how to make money) and we know money is being made in this niche because everyone is trying to figure out "how to make money" everyone wants to be the next internet success story. Everyone is buying "how to make money" type products

You see it everywhere you go.

Ok now lets move on to getting that traffic.

Well like I've said you got no money and only time on your hands, so your going to have generate content to get that traffic.

Step 2. go and get a free blog at wordpress.com or blogger.com or any of the other free blog sites that are online.

Step 3. Read the TOS, terms of service agreement with these blogs so you don't spend your time building massive amounts of content to your blog and then one day wake up to find your blog is no longer there.

(I've done this multiple times, so take it from me and learn from my mistakes)

Step 4. Post highly relevant content to your blog about one area of interest which concerns your niche, (i.e. how to make money with surveys, how to make money with blogs, how to make money with articles, how to make money with adsense, etc)

Step 5. Post everyday to your blog at least 4 - 5 times a day for 2 weeks to start. And make sure the content is good

- sidebar I'm sure your asking "I don't have content I don't know anything"

(No worries, you can "swipe" content from other blogs, websites, forums, article directories, etc and reword them with your own personality. totally legal, just don't copy word for word make it 100% unique by adding at least 2 or 3 new paragraphs and use a tool like this to make it even more unique MyArticleGenerator.com - Make Your Articles Unique... For Free! this tool is totally old school but works like gangbusters, I use it occasionally for quick down and dirty content generation and the engines still love it)

keep in mind you have no money here so that's what we're working with, free tools and you don't know jack.

Step 6. At the end of the day ping all your content so its gets noticed. You can use this service right here, Ping-o-Matic!
there are a bunch of other pinging services out there so just pick one.

Step 7 use a Social bookmarking service like Social bookmarking service. Fast tagging and posting to all major social websites - SocialMarker.com to get your blog noticed by most of the web 2.0 bookmarking craze going on.
Use this tool every 3 - 4 days for maximum results (only use it for a few bookmarking sites at a time then wait then go back and use it again, don't use it for every post)

Step 8 Turn your post into video's - its web 2.0 the engines love video, so make sure your videos provide value like creating a "how to video" or demonstrate the benefits of a product or service you want to promote.


1.Your free content blog should have nothing but content on it, if your going to promote an affiliate product or service, make sure your video on your content blog points to another blog that's cool with you promoting affiliate stuff, like a hubpage or squidoo lens
(now if your saying to yourself..." Peter I don't know the first thing about video" no worries I got your back.

You can use a service that's free, CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software or you can get a 30 free trial that will more than serve its purpose for what you want to do by going here Download Camtasia Studio 30-Day Trial

You get step by step instructions on how to create video and you can totally just make what John Reese calls "Ghetto videos" to start.
You don't have to be perfect.

Matter of fact it's better if your not perfect, it gives you the "down to earth I'm just like you feel", which is what most prospects like as their thinking, "hey this person is just like me, if they can experience success with this product or service and their telling me about it, I should be able to experience results to"

Step 9 Turn your post and videos into press releases.

You can combine a bunch of post and videos to make press release's that talks about a problem in the marketplace and how you found a solution. Submit your release to most of the free press release services out there, that target your niche. Just google "free press release" or "free press release submission"

Step 10. Go back and use socialmarker.com again and markup your press releases.

Now there are a few more things you can do but this is a good foundation to drive a ton of traffic to your site if you got no money.

Will it take a long time to do it? well that depends on the person.

All this can take a matter of two weeks to get it down, then you simply wash rinse and repeat

what are the results?

Well, I'll let a couple of my students give you their findings.

They talk about how they now have the ability to drive traffic and make sales to their websites.

I thought about posting the testimonials here, but then figured it might be considered by some a tad self promotional and that's not my intention. I'm here to provide content and contribute as much as I can.

So if you really would like to see how I want to help and contribute to the warrior membership some of the testimonials are sitting on this free blog at Rat Race Annihilation Video Review
(again no affiliate links are on this blog either)

Only go there if you really want to see how well some of my students are doing ;-)

ok lets continued on.

Now keep in mind I gave my students and clients a few more ninja tricks that I can't reveal here but the foundation of what I just gave
you is exactly where they started and with a few neat little twist, the traffic they generated came in like a tsunami in less than
45 days

So when your making the money, the next step is to simply outsource the whole motherload to triple your traffic and explode your
income from that point onwards.

So there you have it, since you have no money your absolutely flat broke, you don't know a thing about JV's and getting other people to work for you that's one of the down and dirty, no cost money out of pocket ways to get traffic.

Finally put to bed.

Just your time and energy to get yourself going.

Again if you got money, then hell yea outsource the whole thing, and that my friend is a whole new ball game in itself ;-)

I hope this post helped you and put the mystique about traffic finally to rest. Its not hard to get traffic you just have to want to get it.

If you want to get into paid methods like...

*Buy it (ppc marketing, ezine advertising, cpa networks, cpm mail drops, pay per post)

*Borrow it (JV partners, Ad swaps, etc)

I'm sure you know where to find me.

and yes if your wondering, I am in over 30 different niche markets using multiple pen names with half dozen other partners.

That's something I learned from Frank Kern long ago

As always, love to get the warrior feedback good, bad, or indifferent as to how you think the content is.

Your feedback makes me learn and get better.

To your continued online success.

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    Thanks for coming back and making such a great post, Peter!

    I especially like the viewpoint of this post:

    Originally Posted by peteradt View Post

    keep in mind you have no money here so that's what we're working with, free tools and you don't know jack.
    You explained step by step how to get a business going with little or no money, and then growing it to great proportions by using some of the profits you already generated. You did not put in so many requirements that someone would get overwhelmed. To me, it looks doable, even if you need to study how to do each step as you go. It still looks like a solid plan to get something going.

    All these other things we can learn as we go along, and then they are like icing on the cake. Anyone can start with doing your plan, and then, little by little, as they learn things like listbuilding and article marketing, etc., they can apply each one to what they already have.

    The whole concept is based around first getting something going that works!

    A lot of people don't take action because they don't know where to start. And it seems like there is so much to learn before they can get started. So your post gave them a plan they can follow.

    Excellent job! I liked it!

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      great content and very helpful. Just getting my plan together for the fall season and this helped enormously to think through my outsource work.
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    I think i've seen this post already under a different title...

    Hmmm I better make sure of that....
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    No affiliate link, huh ;-)
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  • Profile picture of the author Gene Pimentel
    Fantastic article Peter. Thanks for sharing the great information and links.
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  • Profile picture of the author peteradt
    Warriors thanks for the kind feedback, I try to provide value when I'm here as best I can.

    Always good to know we can support each other and learn.

    The plan was simple so most could do it with small actionable steps
    without being all cryptic and vague.

    For sure there is going to be a small learning curve when taking action but that's part of learning to build your business, everyone went through it.

    OK here's an inside scoop

    Article marketing - There are really only 7 places you should submit your articles for maximum return. Yes I know there are thousands of directories out there, but I'm not talking about mass submission for links, I'm talking about article submission for search engine rank.

    I'm sure I'll take some flack over this one, but its all good, its just what my testing has revealed over the last 18 months with the niches I'm in.

    Sure it's fine and dandy for short term gain to get all sorts of back links go knock yourself out.

    But the engines aren't that stupid these days and know when someone is trying to "game" the system. So rather than attack thousands of back links that drop off in a matter of days anyways, go for the quality route and get some heavy google, and yahoo "love"

    Again, I'm sure I'll take some heat for this one, but now its all about rank and seo weight as far as I'm concerned. Yes I did the black hat thing with article marketing, and it worked like gangbusters with quick surges of cash in certain niches. But overall, it was short lived.

    So your looking for search engine rank and love here's the cream right now
    via testing.

    1.Ezine Article Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints
    2. Article Search Engine Directory: GoArticles.com
    3. Hot Article Directory (ACS Publications) (lucrative niche)
    4. http://ArticleDashboard.com
    5. http://Buzzle.com
    6. http://ArticleAlley.com
    7. http://ArticleCity.com

    Again I'm only going after weight and rank.

    If I get anymore responses I'll talk about some affiliate marketing and reveal some very nasty and highly lucrative affiliate marketing techniques.

    You'll like this ;-)

    I'm just an entrepreneur who's trained thousands of students, worked with hundreds of clients to produce 6 and 7 figure incomes, a world traveler who's been to 4 continents, 102 countries, and 71 cities. Oh and here's one of my websites where I stood on stage and showed hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners who paid $3K each how to generate a six figure income. http://internetmarketing-alchemy.com

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