Running Windows on a Mac

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Out of the three programs below what are the advantages or disadvantages of them. I know that bootcamp is free, but money is not an issue. I really am looking for the best and easiest.


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    I've used VMWare and i think its the best for me. I think you should test a demo if any get then purchase the best one that fits you.
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    If you don't need to run Windows inside a Mac window (which is handy), Bootcamp is the solution that gives you 100% compatibility with any application.

    For normal apps Paralles is perfect, but if you happen to use something as an editing app or advanced graphics software like Z-brush, virtual machines show some of their limits.

    IMHO, even if you go with Parallels, it is a good idea to install Windows as a bootcamp partition, as Parallels can boot from it, the disks are managed better and when you need a "real" pc you just keep alt depressed at boot time and start a native copy of windows.

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    I did alot of research on this topic myself and went with Parallels. It works great.
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    VMWare for me
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    I've been using Parallels for over a year now and very happy with it. I have used VMWare in the past though, and they're both pretty good solutions.

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    Parallels is the best ...I tested them all and trashed the others and kept Parallels...

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    I switched to Mac a few years ago, and used Parallels from the start. It's great to have it open in it's own window and also have the option to have Windows full screen if you want to see "Windows only". I've used Parallels ever since and love it.
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    Parallels and Fusion have been in an epic see-saw battle from day one, and they usually try to add features that meet or beat the other with each new release. You can't really go wrong with either one, they're very very close in terms of features and performance. Just make sure you have a newer mac with lots of memory and a fast processor, because they'll require some computing horsepower to run fast (not so much of a concern anymore if you're using Win 7 instead of Vista).
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    Can't comment on anything but Parallels. Been using it since I switched to Mac a couple of years ago. I like how Mac and Windows apps can share the space and even the cut-n-paste buffer! You will need to remember that you'll also need a standard copy of Windows to install as well. Parallels was $100 and a stock copy of Windows was $400 - LOL
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