Should I Use The Same Login & Password?

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I just had my first article accepted by EZA. ("Expert" status, too. My mother is very impressed)
So that's good.

Got the list of the top 50 article directories, and want to start submitting them. Even if I just hit 10-20, that'll be decent for back linking purposes. And I'd doing it manually.
No, I'm not going to spin them.

So, while I'm creating accounts, should I simplify my life by using the same username and password, or change them up (lets say by adding progressive numbers).

Your opinion?
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    It depends how you are doing it:

    If it is an article you are posting written by yourself then just create an account for you on all the article sites.

    If it is articles "by other people" then I would mix it up. Perhaps you need a few reviews? Or are linking to your main review site/page/article?

    Hope this helps ISOG
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    Security-wise, you really should use different passwords at different sites, because if a hacker gets that one password, then he has access to all the sites you belong to. There is software available that automatically stores each individual website along with your unique password.

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