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One of the best ways to make money online is to work on designing/programming/animation/seo projects. This requires a good experience and it might look like a waste of time at the beginning since it's hard to get projects if you don't have a good portoflio.

I started knowing nothing, and then moved to learn few things and after one year I started to see improvements, and the second year too, and so on... After 5 years now I know: Programming, web & graphic design, animation, SEO and some other stuff. I am still learning things everyday too from blogs and forum related to making websites.

However, this can be a hard way of getting money in case you didn't know anything about making websites, and that's why I created a site where you can learn the web.

My website is:

There are not much tutorials at the moment because my site is only a few days old, but I am adding more tutorials every week.

Once you become an expert in the domain you will be able to create a portfolio and start getting really good money everyday.

There are many other places where you can learn these things too in a more professional way. My favourite one is

If you are looking for a real professional video tutorials then you have to go there and pay for the monthly subscription. Unfortunately I work by myself and can't produce the same quality of videos that they produce... but I offer the tutorials for free anyway.

So hopefully you will benefit from my site, and I mentioned on my site (and this is something considerable): If you guys are wondering how to do a specific task, then contact me on my site and I will review it, if I know how to do that task, I will do it for you and record the movie and upload it to my site, so you can and the other visitors can benefit from this.

Should you have any other questions feel free to ask

Best regards,
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