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Hello to everyone in the WF!!!

I am hoping to get a few good solid suggestions on what I can invest our income tax return on. I was planning on investing on the FreedomSoft program but it sold out before I my return came in. My husband and I are passionate about real estate and learned alot a few years ago about foreclosures and REOs and felt the FreedomSoft program came out at the perfect time but turned out to be just a week too soon.

I am familiar with SEO and blogs and websites but looking for something that I can learn with a larger and quicker return on our money. I am not interested in stocks or anything that accumulates by chance... I really want to "work" to earn money.

I have been looking through the WF for something that is already posted and I am sure I am overlooking something... if you have any suggestions even if it is outside of the WF I would appreciate hearing your ideas.

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      Originally Posted by travisman View Post

      If looking for a business to start I would strongly suggest buying an established business. One that already is making a steady income of $500 or greater (make sure to get proof of income)!

      This is a sure-fire way of making sure you get traffic and success.

      Please make sure that if you do buy a business from someone that they sign a NDA and make sure they sign a contract stating they will not compete against your company for ___ amount of days/months/year.
      If it is an online busines you are buying, do make sure as well as income proof, make sure that structurally and legally the website complys with all standards and regulations. It would be a pity if you bought a site which made money through adsense only to find a month after you bought it adsense struck you off its mambership list (has happend many times before.)
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    Check out Doug Fath:

    Investing in Cashflow

    He is a super great guy with a solid grasp on real estate investing. His unique RE niche has proven profitable over one of the worst real estate periods in history and provides great cash flow on every unit.
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      Thanks for the tips duncanb and travisman I will definitely give that serious thought.

      Jacer... I am going to check that link out right now.

      These two suggestions have be very helpful. I will let you know what I decide... if you're interested :-)
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    Lindahl teaches buying apartments (which are my hero), but if you're looking to invest online, buy a site with income, then just work to improve traffic to that site. Add a landing page, auto-responder, etc. Very good roi in months. Hope that helps!
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