15 things that prove you're right about marketing

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Here's the reason to this post :
This morning, I woke up, grabbed an old confortable pair of jeans, found around $300 in my back pocket, tossed it on the bed with an bored look on my face...

And then I stopped for a minute.
I realized that I've become totally insensitive to such a small amount of money. $300, so what ?

I'm still amazed that I've reached that place in such a short time (18 months ago I was unemployed and totally broke - and, btw, I'm just 23)
So I wanted to share a few moments that had me get to this place.
I hope it can be an inspiration for others.

15 moments that tell you you're right about persisting in the whole IM thing

#1 - When you say "I'm gonna start my own business" and everyone around you thinks you're mad.

#2 - When you get that piece of paper that officially says you're your own boss.

#3 - When you cash your first check ever as an entrepreneur - mine was a $10 check.

#4 - When you get your first testimonial.

#5 - When you can pay for your first "business trip" with money that you earned ON YOUR OWN.

#6 - When Paypal scares the hell out of you by asking you for proof that you're not bleaching money, because you made more than a grand in a few days. (and you didn't know it was a standard procedure)

#7 - When you get your first "real life" media exposure

#8 - When you get your first refund request, and realize you don't care that much.

#9 - When you do your accounting and realize you're actually making more than your dad (or anyone you know for the matter)

#10 - When something gets stolen in your home/office, and you just buy another item to replace it.

#11 - When the very same guys who laughed at you at step #1 or thought it was the end at step #8, come back to you and ask you "how come you're so successful ?"

#12 - When you hire your first employee !

#13 - When you get a supplier bill so huge that you start to freak out... before you realize you can easily afford it.

#14 - When a friend decides to fire up his boss, resign from his 9 to 5, and follow your steps.

#15 - When you answer this thread ? :-)

Edit : additions :
#16 - When people can't believe that these results are achievable, so they prefer denial.

#17 - When you wake up to your first "overnight" order... having made money during your sleep !
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