Another Google Slap on Article Directories?

by Allen Graves 0 replies
I have noticed another significant decrease in the amount of article page results in the SERPS over the last few days...just like we had a month or two ago and a couple other times over the last several months.

If you have noticed your articles are not getting the hits over the last few days that they normally get, post about it here. When this happened before, many of them came back within a week or so, but not all of them! You can verify this by quickly checking Alexa stats for certain directories.

(Yes, Alexa is not the "be all and end all" of website traffic verification, but I believe it is very accurate for sites within the IM niche, ie: article directories)

You can plainly see which ones are taking hits (no comment) and which ones are not being affected at all (like EZA and Buzzle)!

I wouldn't worry if you have noticed a drop in your stats...they'll come back very soon as long as you ar not using one of the directories that is taking hits from these little slaps.

Allen Graves
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