Hostgator and subdomains..SEO mistake?

by coreytucker 12 replies
Ok so im using hostgator to host around 25 domains and I just noticed that for every domain I create it creates a subdomain also which uses my first sites address.

So basically this one site has 25 subdomains, but I did not do seems to be automatic. I see I might can change it, but im using one of those mutiple domain hosting accounts.

Is this hurting me SEO wise?
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    When you say "subdomain", what do you mean? In others words, what would be an example?
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    I think they mean
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    yea like, I can go to any of my sites with that format. So if I have a site called and my main first site is then it looks like this:

    So im wondering if this is bad SEO wise to have it set up like this.
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      Hi Corey,

      If you create addon domains, then in order for it to work, the cpanel creates a subdomain in the background.

      If it bothers you and you feel that it will affect the ranking of the sites, upgrade to a reseller account.

      It's a difference of $25 a month instead of $7.

      I started with the type of hosting you have, and then upgraded to reseller (I now use multiple reseller accounts). You get a seperate cpanel for each domain as well.

      So im wondering if this is bad SEO wise to have it set up like this.
      It's going to be difficult to find someone who can give you the definitive answer to that question. So the way to answer it yourself is to ask yourself if you're willing to pay an extra $18 per month to make sure.

      Roger Davis

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    thankfully I dont have any forums or databases. Im just curious if any warriors are using a hosting setup like me without any problems also.
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    thanks Bev...I will make the change soon too.
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      Hi Corey,

      It's best to ask Hostgator themselves.

      I wouldn't normally argue with Bev but I think they may also transfer the databases (if you had any) - if anyone else reading wants to do this, try asking them (nicely) and explain that you are about to open a new reseller account and they may do it.

      It wouldn't be totally automatic, you would have to give them the database details. This may also apply if you wanted to transfer a reseller account from elsewhere over to hostgator.

      If you don't ask, you don't get...

      For more info on addon domains and subdomains, try searching the old forum as we have discussed this many times before. If you can't locate the search (I can't currently), use - "addon" google, changing the word 'addon' for whatever you are searching for. If the thread won't open, check if it has a 'reply number' in the URL after the thread number and remove the reply number and the thread should open.

      To make fire without matches, simply gather some tinder, some flint....

      Roger Davis

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        I have the same setup with Host Gator and I have a re-seller with another host that I've had for years and I prefer the reseller. But as to SEO, I'm not an expert but my Host Gator account with various domains are ranking well so I'm not worried about it from that perspective but that's just from own experience.

        You won't get any link love among your different domains linking to each other but that would be the same even if you had a reseller since they're all under the same Class C IP address.
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    Honestly I've never had any issues with add on domains. Never seen any issues with the serps.
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