Google visit on statcounter??

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This may be a stupid question but its something I have never seen before. I have a visit on my statcounter account for one of my sites that just says:

"Google" and has no referring link. But its the name in the red and at the top, Google is not where the visitor is coming from....the visitor is Google. What does this it just a spider or possibly a real person that works at Google?
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    Hi Corey,

    It could be either.

    You would have to check your server logs to see if it was a G bot or human.

    Have a Great Day!
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    It's a SE spider.
    Google employees don't have GOOGLE all over their face

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    Yep, spider it likely is. I use Statcounter, too, and see spider entries frequently.

    Here's a little tip for you: in a google search, put in "" and you can see when Google last archived your site. Ideally the date should be within the previous 14 days.
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