Offline Marketers What Day of The Week and Time is Best to Schedule a Seminar for Business Owners?

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Fellow Offline Warriors,

If you have given a seminar for business owners, what day/time have you found to be the best?

I was thinking either Friday evening or Saturday afternoon.

However, after thinking about it, I'm not so sure they are optimal times, considering most people just want to relax on the weekend (if they aren't open/working on Saturday too)

I could use some good advice here.

Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, Jason,

    First of all you need to know the habits of the people in the sector you will be addressing. When do they go to the cash and carry, for example, when are deliveries scheduled, what staff are available to hold the fort while the owner is away, what time of day do they perform their most vital duties and other such mundane stuff like that.

    Spain has a wonderful system called the siesta between 2pm and 5pm when many seminars are held but in the absense of that, most businessmen would probably prefer early evening - especially if you could use their Rotary Club nights or other regular gatherings.

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      To echo what Art has said, it IS different for different sectors of business.

      It also depends how close your workshop is to the actual business.

      Slightly after lunch time allows many retailer to be there for the lunch foot traffic while it allows them to grab a bite en route to your workshop.

      Tuesdays seem to be a happy medium from what I understand.

      Don't forget web conferencing can be a nice addition to your in person

      No matter when you set your workshop there will be people that simply won't be able to attend.

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    Hey Jason

    Hmm...well like they said, it all depends. Maybe something you may try is to schedule one up based on mail that you may get at home from other businesses that offer seminars. For example, take a look at the times and dates that the conferences are setup in those mailings. That may give you an idea for time slots and days you can try to set your own seminars. If that's not enough, you can watch t.v. and take a look at those infomercials and view the data they provide for an idea of what you may try for your own seminars.

    I'm thinking they have expert marketers behind the seens that already know what works and therefore this may help you.

    Hope that helps
    Good Luck

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    Guessing is expensive - ask your target market: Use a survey. I've run many business seminars and found that each sector has different preferences. Remember: Ask don't guess ;-)
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