Check The Links in Your Sig!

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Someone kindly brought this to my attention a couple of weeks
back and I just noticed it in someone else's link.

This has probably been addressed elsewhere but I have noticed
some people's links remaining 'broken'.

I don't know what the cause is but I have taken a guess -

"I think" that if you haven't checked your links in your signature
since the conversion from old Warrior Forum to this new one
you should do so now and you may discover that it has

The reason I think this is because the old forum used standard
html code and this one doesn't - this one uses square brackets []
instead of the <> angle brackets of html - and all our profiles have
been transferred automatically so it's possible some corrupted.

What happened when I clicked on my own link was that it opened
a page in my browser5 with the address:

Clearly, additional code elements have been addded - not by me.

This same thing happened with a link I just clicked on, in another
forum members signature, and it required some editing. Although
the additional problem was that because the other member's
site was a wordpress install, the URL was simply wrong and
so I had to googel it finally.

All in all, it's not good if a newbie clicks your link and doesn't
know to edit the URL - and it doesn't help you with your back

So, if you haven't already done so - check your signature:

1. Go to the red toolbar at the top of this page
2. Click User CP
3. Click Edit Signature

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