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Hello Everyone,

I just want to introduce myself. I recently joined WF but have been lurking for some time now. I think this site/forum is amazing for anyone from a fledgling newbie to an experience IM'r. The information found on here is truly amazing, and if you know where to look can save you a lot of hard earned money from blowing it on rehashed ebooks and information that can be found by actually looking and getting yourself engaged in IM and not just looking for an easy push button million dollar business...although that would be pretty darn cool

One question that i have for anyone to answer is this.

Besides having something like a wiki, or message board...what other options are there to allow other people to post information to a site. I have an idea that I am trying to put together and want to be able to allow the site to build by allowing people to post their own information to it.

This may even be a type of model where there is a membership for users to add information to and add their own affiliate links, etc. to I am not sure yet it is still in the planning and business development stages.

I guess another way to explain it is to allow users to have their own small website, inside the main site. Where they can post information, links, articles, etc.

Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you
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    I think you mean, like Warrior Forum, an actual forum itself. Hire someone from to provide you with one. Shouldn't be too expensive ($100 max!). Or seach online for a forum script so you can implement it yourself.

    Try these out:
    phpBB • Creating Communities Worldwide
    XMB eXtreme Message Board - PHP Forum Software

    But you may have trouble if you're not that technical. It would be wise to hire someone to do it for you. This way, they will also make it more personal to cator for YOUR needs and your visitors. Worth the extra bit of money.

    I think this is what you're looking for?

    Or you can also just create a blog with wordpress as this allows visitors to interact with you and what your write about by leaving comments. But, I think you need to create a forum.

    Hope this helps!
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