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I wrote 5 articles 3 days ago, and I will be honest about what niche it was in. It was in the xbxo 360 repair niche. Well out of all 5 articles I have got only 24 or so click outs from the articles. Traffic has basically stopped on the articles now.

I have wrote in other niches too and I get basically the EXACT same results.

Do you think it is worth my time for so few views? I was thinking of focusing more on Yahoo answers than ezine now because of the lack of views. It takes a while to write a 300 word article to only get 5 click outs!!

These articles were written on ezine by the way
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      Hey I saw your post, I'm in that niche and it was worth my time. I wrote and got 25 articles done last year and I still get sales a year later. It isn't worth my time to write the articles.

      Try this Do keyword research make sure that each article is under 7000 comp exact match in google.

      Then get a PLR xboxrepair pack

      Then go to odesk and look for a va from the phillippes

      Then get a bestspinneraccount

      Then have your worker rewrite all the articles using best spinner

      Put your keywords in the title and in the body

      Submit to the Top 4 article directories

      Then rewrite them again and submit to isnare or contentcronner

      Rinse Repeat

      Hope that helps!
      PS it's a good niche I'm selling my xbox website at flippa it makes around $55 a month and gets around 500 vistor's a month.

      Want to make money online dropshipping with instagram influencers. If so PM Me

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    Article Marketing can be a phenomenal way of getting a great deal of traffic quickly and is also good for the long term if you rank those articles high in the search engines.
    Your ctr i see is incredibly low, i dont know why. Make sure that you learn how to write for an article that leaves people wanting more information and have a good resource box that entices people to click it.
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    If you want your articles to keep getting traffic, you need to take the time to get back links to them so that they remain high in the SERPs.

    When most articles are first indexed they get a "freshness" boost which results in a higher ranking. If you want to keep that, you need to get links to it.

    I think that these days only those articles written for extremely uncompetitive keywords will remain high without any links.

    Gone Fishing
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    Yes it is worth the time however finding ways to pump out more quality articles faster is going to increase your traffic across the board. Mass article control works well for this and so does Dragon naturally speaking. I pretty much only use a few article directories 1. The one in my sig file lol 2. Ezine article and 3. Go articles
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      I would have to agree that it is worth your time, if it is done right. I was writing articles in the same niche and I happened to make a nice amount of money.

      The most important thing that goes into article marketing is keyword research. Work your title around a keyword that is being searched a lot and does not have a lot of competition in the search engines and you will definitely have more article views.
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    How many article directories did you submit your articles to?
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    I think the question you ask yourself is 'How can I make my articles better, get more views and get more click throughs'.

    To move on now, to try something else is the reason so many people get no where. The only way to learn is by doing something and getting the wrong results ... make it better ... better and better ...

    Keep going and make it better.

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      Yes, article marketing is worth your time.

      Article marketing is a lot of work as you mention, and it can be hit an miss.

      You have to try a few different niches in order to figure out which ones will be worth your time.

      The niche that you chose, from my experience, has not led to a lot of revenue lately, but has done well in the past.

      I have submitted articles on Xbox 360 during the Xmas season, and had thousands of visitors to a single article which led to an increase in my Adsense income. It just depends on the time of year and the subject you are writing on.

      A good idea is to choose a year round niche, but you can pick a seasonal one as well. This would be weight loss, dieting, both of which are great this time of year.

      I would recommend writing 5 articles and submitting them using those keyword in the title. Many article scraping scripts are looking for those types of article right now and they will take your article, index them on many different sites on different IP's, and this will help you start making some money.

      I would recommend creating an Adsense site that is focused on those topics, and monetizing it that way. It is the easiest way that I know of to get up and running. It is how I make the majority of my income.

      Take care and good luck!

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    I only submit it to ezine. The other article directories get even less traffic and it not worth the time to write another article for another directory, some even require more than 250 words min which is insane.

    How do you guys get links then to your articles?

    Am I giving up too soon? I mean this is what my articles have for views and clicks now:

    19 views....5 clicks...CR 26.3%
    17 views...5 clicks....CR 29.4%
    16 views....2 clicks...CR 12.5%
    16 views....6 clicks...CR 37.5%
    23 views...10 clicks...CR 43.5%

    Is that really worth my time to write the articles?
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    You have a good click through rate so it looks like you need to work on getting more eyeballs on your articles.

    Do you articles rank anywhere in google for the keyword?

    I get links to my articles from writing other articles and distributing them with links back to the articles. I have some articles that are meant to be read (I spend a lot of time on those), and then other that I use as backlinks (I outsource those).

    Plus there are a couple of article directories that will give you back links without you having to lift a finger. These are paid article directories.
    Gone Fishing
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    If I am only getting 5 clicks per article then just writing them is not enough correct? Writing more articles just for a link seems well a bit too much work don't you think?
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      I'd say it's definitely worth your time but the thing you need to understand is that just writing the article does not mean the articles will perform. Especially in a niche as competitive as the Xbox repair niche, you need to promote your actual articles if you want them to "stick" and bring in the money.
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    What promotion methods are best?
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    You won't get anywhere only submitting them to EZA, you have to submit to more than one place.
    FREE 500 word articles, PM me for yours!
    (4 days only!)
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    Article Marketing
    List building

    Take the time to explore how they really work.
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    You cannot force people to read an article. There is no formula for clicks. If everone is writing articles for clicks because articles are "Hot right now" it won't work. everybody can't write articles some people have to do
    Do what you are best at
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    Originally Posted by cowsgonemadd3 View Post

    I wrote 5 articles 3 days ago, and I will be honest about what niche it was in. It was in the xbxo 360 repair niche. Well out of all 5 articles I have got only 24 or so click outs from the articles. Traffic has basically stopped on the articles now.

    I have wrote in other niches too and I get basically the EXACT same results.

    Do you think it is worth my time for so few views? I was thinking of focusing more on Yahoo answers than ezine now because of the lack of views. It takes a while to write a 300 word article to only get 5 click outs!!

    These articles were written on ezine by the way
    May I suggest you read a thread here since I don't have enough posts I can't post a link but if you do a search for "article site or eza first" It's long and I wouldn't rush through it but you will learn lots of stuff about myths and where to post your articles. But if you don't plan on reading it from beginning to end you'll miss a lot of valuable information.
    A Goal Without a Plan Is Just a Wish
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    Article marketing is great BUT,
    1) You will have to write interestingly, and
    2) Choose topics that convert very well, and will not pass soon

    Writing about XBOX 360 is not a good idea, since in 5 years no one will search for it, some new console will dominate the market.
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    Article marketing is really very worth full but it doesn't give you traffic very soon you should post daily 5-6 article so after month or 2 you will get good traffic...
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    The key is more quality articles. Try submitting 5-6 articles per week that are keyword rich and informative. You must also submit to more article directories and bookmarks, squidoo, etc. Also, try to get some twitter followers to help your articles go viral. Everyone does not have the money or expertise for paid traffic. Article marketing is free if you are writing them.
    Attn. Internet Marketers - Get all the information you need to make money online at
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    There are a ton of great suggestions here so I'm not going to drown you in more because A) I'd be repeating most of what everyone else here said and B) that's a lot of info already for you to sift through and work with (especially if you're fairly new to this) but I just want to note to keep in mind that most people do articles for TWO purposes - 1 is for organic traffic (people who find, read & clickthrough) and 2 is for link building to build yourself up in search engines. They are very worthwhile & I would personally say def use them!
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    It's definitely worth your time as long as you make the most of every article you write, so try and submit each article to as many article directories as possible... and get some backlinks to your ezine submitted articles.

    Just make sure you get them accepted and indexed by ezine first.

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    Yep, it's definitely worth the time spent. It's just that, don't only rely on a single article directory, the more the merrier.
    Do you need an article writer that can deliver quality contents directly to your mailbox without having a sky-high bill? Book Your Own Full Time Article/Content Writer from the PHILIPPINES NOW!

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    Ezine is great for a quick burst of traffic and are great for ranking high in the serps.

    But, you should also use the other article directories for ranking purposes. Many times there are two Ezine articles on the first page of google and that is all that they are allowed. So what you need to do get on the page is to either get more backlinks to your Ezine article to slowly beat out the others or to use another directory like goarticles to rank your content and get on the first page.
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    yes article marketing works if you stick with that need to keep writing on daily basis ..with few articles you will not have reall business results if you want to do like hobby then it will give you results like hobby but if you do it like business and will be consistent in your effort then it will give your results like a business .

    Rajiv Kumar
    Skpe: rajivkumar900
    Email id :

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    Your question has been is worth it.

    But, you have to be patient. Throwing up a few articles isn't going to send a flood of traffic to your site. Just like some of the previous posters have said, you need to build backlinks to the articles to get more eyeballs onto them.

    Getting an article onto an article directory is only one step in the whole process. Do some solid keyword research and write an article based on that keyword. Then try to get it indexed so that you'll be able to get more organic traffic. It takes a bit of time, and is tedious, but it's definitely worth are most things you have to work hard for.

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    I know first hand that article marketing can be profitable BUT you have to do it right. Just pumping out tons of articles is no guarantee of success. There is a lot to it but the most important thing is knowing how to do keyword research. If you do not get that right it will go nowhere.
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