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Does anyone use this plugin and if so is it still current and working, as every time I install the code to create a new adsense advert it comes up with a 'website not responding' error message and I just wondered if it is not supported any more.

Alternatively does anyone know of any other good adsense plugins for either widgets or the posts themselves.

Many thanks, Ali
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    Yes I gave up on adsense deluxe for the same reasons.

    I use this now -

    WordPress › AdSense Manager WordPress Plugins

    (adsense manager plugin)

    It also handles other ads, not just adsense.

    Even without it, you can put adsense in a widget by using the 'text' option as your widget - 'text' widgets work with code too.

    Roger Davis

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    The best one according to write now is "why do work adsense" plugin..

    WhyDoWork Adsense Plugin | Work at Home Blog

    Try it... you wont be disappointed


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    I started using 'All in One Adsense and YPN' Wordpress Plugin on all my blogs and it is very easy to setup and you can change the way you want to display your adsense ads plus automatically displays ads too and lot more.

    It works wonders for me.

    All the best

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