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Quick question:

In the normal forum they have a thread tool that allows you to print a printable version of a thread. My question is: Is there a way to get a printable version of a PM? If not, who do I talk with to suggest such an option?

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    If I print a PM I would highlight what I want to print, go to print, and select "print selection".

    Perhaps you can submit a Help Desk ticket to suggest a printable version option be added.
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    Hello Shawn

    I use Winpdf utility which allows me to 'Pdf' any document or thread on this forum and then save it on my computer for future reference.

    It is free and very easy to use simply install it and click to print option and choose 'Winpdf' And that's it, you also print any part of that Pdf you want as a hardcopy.

    Here is the link WinPDF - Create PDF documents and convert documents into PDF format for free

    All the best

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