Wordpress Permalink Question - Opinions On SEO

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Which is better for your site's ranking in the SE's?

blogname / %category% / %postname%/


blogname / %postname%

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    i think blogname / %postname% is better, the other one is a bit long... the only important thing is that you use your keywords on your links, it will help raise the rank of each page

    it all depends on how you optimize your meta tags and keywords
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    That's what I meant...

    Substitute domain for blogname in the above post.

    Quentin, your url is
    bloggingempires. com/beginners/ecommerce/
    This would be an example of "domain / %category% / %postname%/"

    I'm tired of my signature... Deleted.

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    I have recently changed all my blogs 'permalinks' like so, /%category%/%postname%/ .

    Changed to Custom Structure and add the above code, to do this you will need to add a small file (htaccess) to your root directory.

    I picked up this method recently from a fellow warrior, it does help improve your seo side too.

    All the best

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  • It depends. If you posts are always meaningfully titled with keywords then I guess it wll not matter much. I use the post title as the url which wa steh default SEO setting with the all in one SEO plugin and it works fine for me. Wordpress is great for seo as wordpess posts tend to get indexed by Google and other search engines much better than any other website software I have come acorss.
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    I have tested this many times, and have found that using just the post name is most beneficial. Unless you're going to use longtail keywords as categories, there is not much benefit

    That is my opinion though.

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    blogname / %postname%
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    Got it from Brad Callen a couple of years
    ago and it has worked tremendously well for me

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