Anyone experienced with physical products and paypal?

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Hey Guys,

Just wondering if any warriors have experience with selling physical products
like dvds or CDs and using paypal as your processor.

I'm sure the answer's yes, but is there some company that will act as a go
between, taking your paypal data (customer's address) etc and shipping
your goods?

Love to hear your thoughts!

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    There is a lot fo solution for this..

    RAP has a kunaki addons for easier Physical product selling

    Another one is Diskmojo ..

    Hope this helps

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    Are they your DVDs? If yes then a company like Kunaki would work. If you are planning to sell Hollywood movies or something of that nature then you can use a drop shipper.
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    Are you looking for a dropshipper?

    Or a party who takes your goods and forwards these onto the buyer? (This method would not make economical sense to me unless you were selling alot of items)
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    Yes, I have that experience. The problem is that they lock you down on what dollar amount you can sell per month. For example, if your limit is 10K /mo and you get a ton of orders you are out of luck. They claim this is to stop fraud. Well, what it does is make me look for another company.
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    you can use kunaki and nanacast as your shoppping cart and have paypal as your processor. Everything will be automated but you will need to still add money to your kunaki account before they ship. will collect the cash from the buyer and ship out and works with nanacast also. Nanacast will cost 97 a month. Josh is a fellow warrior here too.
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    I use e-junkie shopping cart, paypal, plus an integration with Kunaki that I had written. Computers handle everything.
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      Hey everyone! @jeepsterryan I am really really interested in this script. Where do you have it implemented? Are you selling it? Do you write custom scripts for others? I currently automate my sales with kunaki paypal at I am looking to use ejunkie so I can have an all in one automation solution for downloads, ebay, kunaki, tshirts etc.

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