I "HATE" my yellow teeth

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Has anyone else seen this ad?

"The secrets dentists don't want you to know about teeth whitening" lol

Kinda funny but I swear this ad DOMINATES the content network.

Is it just me or do you also constantly see this ad?

After seeing it for what seems like hundreds of times I finally checked it out and it goes here:

Best Teeth Whitening Products - Compare, Buy, Review the best Teeth Whiteners

I've gotta say this is very well done review page. they even throw in white strips to the review lol

And from there...they're selling celebrity teeth whitening. Again, very well done site.

Anyone care to guess what this site is pulling monthly?
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    I can't say that I have seen that ad, but your title is great...made me open it.

    Ask...Because you never stop learning.

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      haha that's actually the title of their ad and the "the secrets dentists...." is the body...

      but yeah, I guess it pulls huh?
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        I've seen that ad all over and it fascinates me. It's on mainstream newspaper sites, but it uses all of the same tactics that all of us internet marketers learn in Affiliate Marketing 101. Basically it pretends to be a review page and it has affiliate links on it. I've seen the same thing for lip plumpers on the newspaper sites too. I've just never noticed these kinds of ads on newspaper sites before.

        And it must be doing well because I've been seeing it for months.

        Something to look into. They're reaching a non-IM crowd which is a much easier crowd to sell to.
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