Amazon - what is THE best guide/course? Too many!!!

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Holy hannah! There is a bazillion posts, WSO's, courses, Ebooks, reports, etc, etc. on making sites that profit from Amazon.

Can anyone recommend a good, detailed, guide? I'm finding myself wasting so much time reading all these sales pitches for Amazon sites/courses.

Somebody point me in the right direction :confused:
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    What exactly do you want to do on Amazon?
    (that will make it easier for us to help you)
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      Earn affiliate commissions. But there is a plethora of "methods" and courses all over this site. I have no idea which one is solid and which are a waste of time.

      I guess I'm looking for a rock solid recommendation. I'm also not really sure what all the "auto-amazon-plug-a-thon-ization-nator" topics are about. Is it just a software that spits out spammy Amazon mini-sites, kind of like back in the day with the mini-adsense sites?

      So much hype, selling, and spin. I can't decide whats worth my time.
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    I'm not sure about totally focused Amazon sites but Crowd Mountain ( by Michelle MacPhearson is a marketing course & it includes using Amazon to find niche affiliate products and set up a mini-site/page with your store. Again it's NOT totally Amazon focused, it's internet marketing/affiliate marketing but has a section on using Amazon & setting it up.

    It's a membership course at $47/mo., currently a 12 day/$1 trial...then $47/mo.

    It's one membership course I can def say it good, step-by-step, has video training for each step along w/transcriptions of each and workbooks & a ton more info and tools aside from the Boot Camp training. *Disclosure: I'm an admin of the site but I DO use the steps inside of it still.

    Good luck!
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    I never noticed but there are a lot of products about amazon. Now, you have got me wondering.
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    Check out the thread from Neil V. It is all Amazon.

    My quit smoking date is 12/30/08.......
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