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I'm having a strange problem with WP...

When I click on the icon above the post box to add an image, it brings up the window and I can locate the image on my laptop but when I try to load it I get a HTTP Error.

I know this is because of something to do with Flash vs. Browser mode because I had the same problem the other night and it gave me the option of uploading in "browser mode" which worked just fine.

I can't seem to find that option anymore and I've got the latest version of flash installed so I'm unable to upload any images till I figure this out, or figure out a workaround.

I'm running WP 2.6.1 (?) not the latest version.

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    Hi Stephen: I sometimes have the same problem and wondered what the best solution was.

    What version of WP are you using?

    Have you tried posting your question on this forum: WordPress › Support Tags — gallery

    I use an external image hosting company for my images ( - they offer a great service and support direct linking. I just cut and paste the image code into wordpress where I want the image to appear. Gives you a lot more control than using the wordpress image feature.
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      You should find an option that says "You are using the Flash uploader. Problems? Try the Browser uploader instead."

      Or you could upload your image yourself. Make a new folder for images. Then use that url to place the image in your blog post.

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