What's YOUR definition of "OFFLINE"

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When I see this word used, it usually falls in two categories to me:

1) "OFFLINE" meaning to get businesses who do not have ANY web presence at all and someone offers services to put their business online to increase exposure and sales.

If a business is already online , but has a presence that is under-performing or is not tapping into its latent potential , someone offers business services to that business website to acquire more customers, secure more sales and gain more profit than the web presence has previously secured or to pick up where sales have dropped off.

Depending on how bad a website, webpage, web classified or whatever are, although the business has SOME online presence, though not hardly effective if effective at all, people would still classify or include this business as being OFFLINE or potential offline client.


2) "OFFLINE" meaning using all mediums to reach a market or potential BEFORE the internet resources where available, like Direct Mail, flyers, classifieds in newspapers, 1-800 numbers, radio spots, magazine ads, etc.

Also meaning if someone is currently using web resources, that they use effective and proven "old school" marketing tactics in ADDITION to their web resources.

I think there needs to be better terminology to distinguish the two.

Maybe its a "cute" way or new spin on words to stimulate interest in that direction.

An old school Mail Order person who , on their own, expands to the web is only opening up a door to potentially a more cost effective and market capturing media, an addition to the old school methods, except this new "addition" is used more now than most of the "other" old school media is being used or is more heavily depended on.

Then that person will decide , based on results, on which media is giving him what and at what success level, then tailor their marketing efforts to what is working best.

Like postcards to "ONLY" gather leads or increase list size, or SRDS to explore niche markets and current customers for that market , just for starters.

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    Offline to me just means that the business is brick and mortar, or most of their gross income doesn't come from the internet.
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